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  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (S1) (to watch: S2 and S3)
  • Alias Grace
  • America's Best Dance Crew (S1-S4)
  • American Crime Story: The People V. OJ Simpson
  • American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace
  • American Horror Story (S3 and S4)
  • Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
  • Arrested Development (S1-S5)
  • Awkward (S1-S5)
  • Breaking Bad (S1-S5)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S1-S5)
  • Chewing Gum (S1-S2)
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (S1-S2)
  • Community (S1-S4)
  • Cosmos (S1)
  • CSI Miami (S1-S5)
  • Downton Abbey (S1-S6)
  • Drop Dead Diva (S1)
  • End of the F***ing World (S1)
  • Friends (S1-S10)
  • Game of Thrones (S1-S8)
  • Girl Code (S1)
  • Girls (S1-S6)
  • Glee (S1-S4)
  • Gossip Girl (S1-S2)
  • Grey's Anatomy (S1-S4)
  • Grimm (S1-S3)
  • Heroes (S1-S3)
  • House of Cards (S1-S6)
  • How I Met Your Mother (S1-S9)
  • Insecure (S1-S2)
  • Ja'mie: Private School Girl (S1)
  • Jane By Design (S1)
  • Jersey Shore (S1-S5)
  • Kingdom (S1)
  • Laguna Beach (S1-S3)
  • Looking (S1-S2) (to watch: tv movie finale)
  • Love (S1) (to watch: S2 and S3)
  • Mad Men (S1-S7) (to watch: S7 part 2, last 7 eps)
  • MasterChef US (S1-S10)
  • MasterChef US Jr. (S2 and S3)
  • Master of None (S1-S2)
  • Modern Family (S1-S10) (currently watching S11)
  • Money Heist (S1-S3)
  • Narcos (S1-S3)
  • Narcos Mexico (S1)
  • New Girl (S1)
  • Orange Is The New Black (S1-S7)
  • Outsourced (S1)
  • Parks and Recreation (S1-S7)
  • Pretty Little Liars (S1-S5)
  • Queer Eye (S1-S4, Japan)
  • Russian Doll (S1)
  • Schitt's Creek (S1-S2) (currently watching S3)
  • Sense8 (S1-S2)
  • Sex and the City (S1-S5)
  • Shameless (S1-S9)
  • Silicon Valley (S1) (to watch: S2-S5)
  • Skins (S1-S7)
  • Smash (S1-S2)
  • Stranger Things (S1-S3)
  • Summer Heights High (S1)
  • Th1rteen R3asons Why (S1-S2)
  • The Crown (S1-S3)
  • The Handmaid's Tale (S1-S3)
  • The Haunting of Hill House
  • The Last Czars
  • The Leftovers (S1-S3)
  • The Newsroom (S1-S3)
  • The Office (S1-S9)
  • The Umbrella Academy (S1)
  • The Walking Dead (S1-S6)
  • The Young Pope
  • Togetherness (S1)
  • True Blood (S1-S7)
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S1-S4)
  • Veep (S1-S7)
  • Westworld (S1-S2)
  • Workaholics (S1-S4)
jan 4 2009 ∞
dec 14 2019 +
user picture Reen: hey ate. :] cash here. i've been convincing yew to watch Gossip Girl. i know it's too girly for him, but it's really good. :P apr 24 2009
user picture Patricia: haha. skins nga ngayon lang niya pinanuod. he'll come around. :) haven't seen the latest GG episodes yet. stopped watching by s2ep14, I think. ano na ba nangyayari? what's with blair and chuck? sila lang gusto ko dun! :)
user picture Reen: Hi Ate! How are you liking Mad Men? Do you still watch GG? feb 18 2011
user picture Patricia: Cash! I looooove Mad Men. Haven't started with Season 2 yet. You done with it? I don't watch GG anymore. Boring na. Ikaw? feb 22 2011
user picture Reen: Me, too. Grabe, I now have better appreciation for television because of Mad Men. I can talk about a lot of things for each episode. Trufax. Yes, I'm done with it. And I got back to watching GG na rin. I skipped season 3 altogether, but I started again season 4. Personally, I think it's better. They started pairing up Dan and Blair. This one actually works well with me. It's about how they're developing them kasi e. It's unlike the usual GG setup where they create the pairing in one episode and they're together na agad. That's not the case with Dan and Blair. Basta, ang ganda. :D Check it out if you can. mar 5 2011
user picture Patricia: Sige, I'll finish a couple of shows muna then I'll watch GG. How are you? Still no Tumblr and Twitter? mar 14 2011