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people see rock and roll as, as youth culture, and when youth culture becomes monopolised by big business, what are the youth to do? do you, do you have any idea? i think we should destroy the bogus capitalist process that is destroying youth culture.

karine 2020 (things i’m currently obsessed with)
rodrigo 2020 (books read & marked)
2020 (films watched)
2020 (tv shows/tv series watched)
érica. to do (coreographys.)


  • bolin (the legend of korra)
  • choji akimichi (naruto)
  • clay bailey (xiaolin showdown)
  • conner kent (young justice)
  • hunk (voltron: legendary defender)
  • katsuki yuuri (yuri!!! on ice)
  • tooru oikawa (haikyuuu!!)


  • frank zhang (the heroes of olympus)
  • magnus bane (the mortals instruments)
  • minho (maze runner)


  • conner kent (young justice)
  • hal jordan (green lantern)
  • oliver queen (green arrow)


  • ding ding (befriend)
  • dong (project s: side by side)
  • hao ting (history 3: make our days count)
  • in (my dear loser: edge of 17)
  • lee sang (we are peaceful brothers)
  • oat (what the duck)
  • pick (senior secret love: puppy honey)
  • sung ji jae (the boy next door)
  • tin (love by chance)
  • zhao yun lan (guardian)
  • zhen wu (history 2: crossing the line)


  • dorian pavus (dragon age)
  • alex (stardew valley)
  • scott howl (monster prom)


  • steve rogers (captain america)
  • scott lang (ant-man)


  • blaine anderson (glee)
  • connor walsh (how to get away with murder)
  • dong nguyen (unbreakable kimmy schmidt)
  • george o'malley (grey's anatomy)
  • grizz visser (the society)
  • jake peralta (brooklyn 99)
  • liam dunbar (teen wolf)
  • magnus bane (shadowhunters)
  • marcus lopez (deadly class)
  • mike chang (glee)
  • mike delfino (desperate housewives)
  • pol rubio (merlí)
  • wolfgang bogdanow (sense8)
  • zach dempsey (13 reasons why)
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