i'll get my shit together and make this my year / started the month with cramps :)) / rainy days / reading a lot of fantasy and dark romance / spent the whole day with dad / jimin's first solo collab!! / shopped around town with mom / had to upgrade my computer but i'm so happy with the new one / did mom's nails again / screaming and throwing up with ep1 of the last of us / got sick / it's so damn cold i don't even feel like doing anything / finally watched avatar with mom / shopping at ikea after / bought a cute mug and a lamp / movie night & mcdonald's / journaling


rewatching outer banks since season 3 is coming out this month / finally sold more stuff / slowly getting out of my comfort zone / my avatar hyperfixation is stronger than ever / lunch and shopping with mom / becoming more confident doing things on my own / sleep schedule is still shit / trying to fix friendships and work on myself / bought more clothes and nails supplies / finished the last of us part 1 and now i'm sad / binge watching obx3 i missed this show so much / got sick again?? i hate it here / did avatar nails on myself / random birthday cakes and watching sweet home with mom / obsessed with obx and jiara all over again


j.cole ft j-hope??!!!!!! / feeling much better / i think i'm in a reading slump / thrifting with mom / bought new books & clothes / obsessed with ruel's new album / the last of us s1 was everything i ever wanted i'm not ready for season 2 / finally saw scream 6 and we had the theater all to ourselves / lunch with my parents / jimin's solo slays / ikea date with mom and more thrifting / we tried so much food and bought things for the house / it's finally spring!! / pretty sunsets / finally went to panda cantina / did mom's nails / a lot of shopping / riding on scooters with mom around the city / selling more clothes i don't use anymore / shopping & spa day


deep cleaning day / organized my room & makeup / spent the day with dad / feels like summer already / making new playlists / eating more intuitive / still in a reading slump / clean room, clean mind / joined an online course to learn more about coding / finally did my own nails again / trying to make better and healthier choices / ikea date with mom / my moonbin :( may his soul rest in peace / binging yellow jackets with mom / sent the final project / did mom's nails and then mine / shopping + trying to create a wardrobe i actually like / in my clean girl makeup era


i missed going to the beach so much / such a perfect sunny day / pizza night with my parents / too much junkfood / first time going out after months and it just made me even more of a homebody lol / getting a lot better at doing my nails / spent the whole day with dad / dinner with my parents and watching the stars at a random park / i miss the feeling of being at a concert :( / enhypen always eats with their comebacks / tried starbucks for the first time and hated it lol / book fair with mom


starting the month feeling like shit / my hyperfixation with enhypen is still going strong / ikea date with mom / finally bought a purple bedding set and new glasses / binging rabo de peixe with mom / going to arraiais almost every night / my feet hurt so bad but we had such a fun time / cleaned my whole room / first time getting drunk with my parents lol / danced the whole night / celebrated grandma's bday and took luna to visit her / journaling a lot / trying to read again / how are we halfway through this year already? / online shopping / jjk1 is coming!!! / last nights going out


excited for a new month / beach with my parents / room makeover because i needed a change / i need to stop online shopping fr / going to the beach every day / slowly fixing my problems / went on vacation with my parents / seven is out!!!!!!! i'm so obsessed jungkook never disappoints / started revenge of others and got mom hooked on too / short haired dani is back / trying new products on my hair / walking around lisbon with my parents / eating more intuitively / whatched barbie in a early screening dressed in pink with mom i love being a woman / working out hard


time is going by so fast its getting scary / i already miss summer and it's not even over yet / whoever invented mini portable fans you have my heart / changing my playlists / finally started the glory and i'm obsessed already / got way too drunk / went to the beach with my parents / sick again??? i hate this / trying to take better care of myself again / finally finished another book / another nail session and i'm getting so much better at it / went to a fair and horror house with mom / kind of excited for fall but at the same time not really / started gilmore girls and i get it now


another month feeling like shit who's surprised / rode in a cable car with mom for the first time in years / took so many pics / finally bought some nail charms / started a new book / trying to be a better friend / went to a new chinese restaurant with my parents / started using ice rollers in the mornings / i'm too obsessed with perfumes lately / a lot of online shopping / sold more clothes on vinted / jungkook AND jack harlow?!! / happy because i'm losing weight but not restricting myself too much


spooky season finally / thinking about dyeing my hair red again / got the worst hangover ever / trying to sell more stuff / a lot of playlists / having a existencial crisis almost every day :D / didn't miss all this rain at all / shopping with mom / did halloween nails on myself / another no skip album from txt / kid laroi ft jungkook <3 AND central cee / dyed my hair red again / got sick for the second time lol


started playing the sims again / i missed my cozy silly game / too much happening / taking care of grandma and the house / a lot of emotions but everything worked out in the end / sleepover in the living room / visiting different coffee and book shops in the city / went thrift shopping / reading a lot more / finally tried starbucks and now i kinda get the hype / went ice skating at the mall / doing mine and mom's nails / a lot of online shopping / family time / the cold makes me so lazy i want summer back


more excited for christmas than last year but still.. /

jan 1 2022 ∞
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