1 january

welcome 2021 let's hope it'll be better - woke up tired from painting my room - but it'll be worth it - i need to stop eating so much shit - my galaxy projetor finally came - spotify playlists - wanna dye my hair again so bad - i miss my friends :( - BLONDE JUNGKOOK!!!!!!!! - how does he manage to get even prettier - sushi - another lockdown - bored and kinda sad idk - a lot of ruel videos - painted my room again - pizza and impractical jokers - voted with mom - did my makeup after awhile - making spotify playlists is my favourite form of therapy - shopping online - movies and junkfood - started making cakes with mom - journaling - a lot of plans for the future.

2 february

started true beauty - i'm getting old and it's making me kinda sad - just wanna be able to enjoy life again - made cakes with mom - journaling - bought led lights - hwang in yeop hand in marriage please - feeling good about myself - sushi with my parents - shein clothes - started to finally dress like i want - decorated my room - anxious because of my exams - BLUE HAIRED JUNGKOOK!!!!!! - he's the coolest person ever - sleep schedule is fucked up again - bts' fix you cover fixed all my problems.

3 march

i've been sleeping too much - feeling anxious but that's okay, it'll pass - music sessions until 4am - a lot of documentaries - started love alarm - online shopping - ateez cb!!!!! - unmotivated and tired - finally got into enhypen - back to studies - went on a walk with mom - dressed up and took some pics - work outs to my favorite songs - chinese food - more online shopping - lots of enhypen videos - tried to make tiktok hauls - overthinking again nothing new - this month felt so long and repetitive.

3 april

i need to stop procastinating - trying to work out more - fondue with my parents - started i-land - i hate being so perfectionist sometimes - so happy with my style change - but my wallet is still crying - trying to cook more with my parents - anxiety strikes again - overthinking about life and my exams - sleep schedule is fucked up (again lol) - i really need to get my shit together - ENHYPEN CB!!!! - my fav emo vampire boys <3 - this month went by so fast - will start my driving lessons this year (hopefully).

4 may

writing a lot - changed my room again - i need to stop staying up so late - but everything is so much calmer at night - cooked with dad - god i need a job - picninc at the beach - finally bought a projector - weird dreams - went to ikea with mom - so happy with how my room turned out - a lot of study videos - trying to work out again - mcdonald's and horror movies - started the penthouse with mom and now we're obsessed - just stressing over everything lol - BTS CB!!!! - life's kinda weird lately - i hate thinking too much - picnic with my parents - feeling more confident with myself.

5 june

started the month with period cramps i hate it here - TXT CB!!!!!! - they will never release a bad album - oceanarium with mom - tried bubble tea (and almost threw up lol) - recreated kfc's chicken with dad - beach day with my parents - chinese food - my sleep schedule just keeps getting worse - shopping with mom - trying to improve my skincare - fighting the urge to dye my hair again - lots of good food and beach days - writing and studying - my parents got vaccinated!! - marcia finally came to my house for the first time - we started ginny & georgia - and she loved my cats - donuts and junkfood - penthouse season 2 - fondue with my family.

6 july

i feel kinda depressed - my exams are soon so i'm anxious too - i wanna die lol - music sessions at 3am will always make everything better - a lot of junkfood - most stressful week of my life - bought new phone cases - trying to be "that girl" - picnic with my friends <3 - started watching more tv shows - cleaned my whole room - young royals crushed me - i need a s2 with them happy and together - exchanged the quiet nights for quiet mornings - started reading more - a lot of book recommendations - your name live action?? im gonna cry - tried dumplings with dad -

mar 9 2020 ∞
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