welcome 2021 let's hope it'll be better / tired from painting my room / i really need to stop eating so much shit / bought a galaxy projetor / made new playlists / thinking about dyeing my hair again / i miss my friends / another lockdown / bored and kinda sad / finished painting my room / impractical jokers / voted for the first time with mom / did my makeup after awhile / online shopping / movies and junkfood / started making cakes with mom / journaling / a lot of plans for the future so i'm excited


started true beauty / i'm getting old and it's making me kinda sad / just wanna be able to enjoy life again / made cakes with mom / journaling / bought led lights and now i'm obsessed / hwang in yeop hand give me a chance pls / feeling good about myself / sushi with my parents / shein clothes / started to finally dress like i want / decorated my room / anxious because of my exams / blue haired jungkook !!! / my sleep schedule is fucked up again / bts' fix you cover really fixed all my problems <3


i've been sleeping too much / feeling anxious but that's okay, it'll pass / music sessions until 4am / a lot of documentaries / started love alarm / online shopping / unmotivated and tired / finally got into enhypen / back to studying / walks with mom / dressed up and took some pics / trying to work on my body / chinese food / more online shopping / tiktok hauls / here i go overthinking again / this month felt too long and repetitive


i need to stop procastinating / trying to work out more / fondue with my parents / started i-land / i hate being so perfectionist sometimes / so happy with my style change / trying to cook more / anxiety strikes again / overthinking about life and my exams / sleep schedule is fucked up again lol / i really need to get my shit together / enhypen cb !!!!! my fav emo vampire boys <3 / will start my driving lessons this year (hopefully)


writing a lot / changed my room again / i need to stop staying up so late but everything is so much calmer at night / cooked with dad / god i need a job / picninc at the beach / finally bought a projector / weird dreams / went to ikea with mom / so happy with how my room turned out / a lot of study videos / trying to work out again / mcdonald's and horror movies / started the penthouse with mom and now we're obsessed / just stressing over everything lol / bts cb!!! / life's kinda weird lately / overthinking again nothing new / picnic with my parents / feeling so much more confident!


started the month with period cramps i hate it here / txt cb !!! they will never release a bad album / went to the oceanarium with mom / tried bubble tea (and almost threw up lol) / recreated kfc's chicken with dad / beach day with my parents / my sleep schedule just keeps getting worse / shopping with mom / trying to improve my skincare / fighting the urge to dye my hair again / lots of good food and beach days / my parents got vaccinated!! / marcia finally came to my house for the first time / donuts and junkfood / fondue with my family / one of my fav months so far <3


i feel kinda depressed / my exams are soon so i'm anxious too / i wanna die lol / music sessions at 3am will always make everything better / a lot of junkfood / most stressful week of my life / bought new phone cases / trying to be "that girl" / picnic with my friends <3 / started watching more tv shows / cleaned my whole room / i'm obsessed with young royals and need a s2 with them happy and together pls / exchanged the quiet nights for quiet mornings / started reading more / tried dumplings with dad / a lot of book recommendations / my twilight phase is back and i'm so happy


started the month stressed / outer banks season 2 / did my best in my exams and i'm proud of myself / dyed my hair red again / decluttered my room so i could feel productive / ate fondue with my parents / rewatched american horror story / stressed and anxious again but what's new / i rlly need to stop procrastinating so much / txt released another bop / period cramps / finally got vaccinated!! / car trips, beach days and family time / cleaned my room / last efforts for the exam / im so anxious im gonna cry / junkfood / bought new led lights / ended the month stressed again lol


jungkook's day <3 / more studying / finally done with all my exams / a lot of deserved sleep / junkfood / watched the fear street movies / went to a book fair with mom and bought a few / cute new outfits / i feel so lazy lately / redecorated my room again lol / had a girls night out with isa and marcia / double vaxxed finally !! / started a journal / very anxious to see my exam score / a lot of junkfood and movies from my watchlist / did a full body stretch and some yoga / i passed all my exams!!!!!! so proud of myself / why there's so much shit happening at the same time / coldplay ft bts?!!!! / started reading punk 57 / everyhting's changing and i still don't know if i like it or hate it / scared but also excited for what's coming next


exciting plans / stressing over college applications / dinner out with my parents and city walks / looking for jobs / made a spookytober list / kinda feeling like the days are all the same / junkfood / started squid game / went shopping and bought fall clothes / new mirror / enhypen released another album full of bops / i'm so tired of feeling stuck or behind in life / just hoping for better days / i really need to fix my sleeping schedule /

mar 9 2020 ∞
oct 25 2021 +