1 january

welcome 2021 let's hope it'll be better - woke up tired from painting my room - but it's gonna be worth it - horror movies - i need to stop eating so much shit - my galaxy projetor finally came!! - spotify playlists - my sleep schedule is so fucked up - i wanna dye my hair again - and hangout with my friends i miss them :( - BLONDE JUNGKOOK!!!!!!!! - how does he manage to get even prettier - sushi and chinese food - making phone stickers - cleaning and organizing my room - another lockdown - bored and kinda sad idk - a lot of ruel videos - sushi - painting my room again - nervous bc i'm voting soon - pizza and impractical jokers - catching up with bts - voted with mom - getting better at doing my makeup - therapy? no i'll just go to spotify - shopping online - movies and junkfood - started making cakes with mom - journaling again - making plans for the future.

2 february

starting true beauty - i'm getting old and it's making me kinda sad - i just want to be able to enjoy life again - making cakes with mom - journaling - new led lights - hwang in yeop hand in marriage please - feeling good about myself - sushi with my parents - shein clothes - starting to finally dress like i want - decorating my room - more online shopping - a lot of sweets - trying to be more productive - anxious because of my exams - getting into kdramas with marcia - sleeping all day - chinese food - i get way too emotionally invested in shows - overthinking - BLUE HAIRED JUNGKOOK!!!!!!!! - he's the coolest person ever - my sleeping schedule is so fucked up - bts' fix you cover!!!! - i rly need to start studying hard.

3 march

i've been sleeping too much - feeling anxious but that's okay, it'll pass - listening to music all night - a lot of documentaries - online shopping - ateez cb!!!!! they never disappoint - watching love alarm with mom - she complained but ended up watching the whole season with me - feeling unmotivated and tired - but still managed to study a bit -

mar 9 2020 ∞
mar 8 2021 +