• currently into: mdzs, tgcf, toilet hanako, skyward sword (stuck at dungeon 5), acupuncture
  • currently playing: botw (still), twilight princess (new! my laptop died, taking my save file with it), ori & blond forest, ocarina of time, achn, skyward sword
  • cool books: never let me go (kazuo ishiguro), when you reach me (rebecca stead), a little life (hanya yanagihara), the left hand of darkness (ursula k. le guin), less (andrew sean greer)
  • cool ao3 writers: twoif, gamblers, SORD
  • cool poets: richard siken, natalie wee, ocean vuong
  • cool anime/manga: dorohedoro, kusuriya no hitorigoto, golden kamuy, uchouten kazoku, baccano!, cowboy bebop, made in abyss, hyouka, mawaru penguindrum, et cetera, et cetera
  • here is my animelist (please talk to me about these): https://myanimelist.net/profile/sentimentalseals
  • poetry recommendations: https://curiouscat.me/corpsentry/post/1075968351 , https://curiouscat.me/corpsentry/post/1075457428
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