Tropes and other story details I like:

  • crossovers with other fandoms I'm in
  • AUs: bakery, florist, owl/cat café, shapeshifting, fhq, college, fairy tale, zombie, apocalypse, soulmate, gods/immortals and mortals, general fantasy with dragons/royalty, marching band/orchestra
      • mythical creatures: angel, demon, fairy, werewolf, ghost, vampire, mermaid, dragon, pegasus, centaur, witch, elf, will o' the wisp, siren, tengu, harpy...
  • modern magic, urban fantasy, magical realism
  • anything with rain/snow
  • height difference
  • friends to lovers/rivals to lovers
  • kissing lessons
  • fluff, comfort after light angst
  • body swap (due to magic, so in a magical realism/fantasy setting)
  • trapped in a closet/elevator
  • wingfic
  • canon divergence that still sticks to canon a little
  • mutual pining
  • long distance relationships
  • post-canon future fic in college
  • experimental/alternate (maybe slightly alternate) ways of storytelling (but not epistolary or nonlinear timelines), stuff like... involvement of the senses in an unusual way (~feeling~ music in magical realism/soulmate AU maybe), no dialogue, emotion through body contact, time travel that still manages to be linear (the events are linear, not necessarily the time settings), very short scenes
  • twisting tropes around: platonic soulmate AUs (where the "popular" ship are platonic soulmates and the rare ship are romantic), idk what else to put...
  • short fics!
  • character/relationship studies; introspective fic; revelation through collection of small, disconnected, but related (and linear) scenes
  • subtle metaphors, metonymy (such as a train for time travel), synecdoche
  • references to actual japanese places
  • characters of a ship knowing small details/unspoken habits, learning them through observation or some other way that isn't direct dialogue
  • subtly applying themes throughout a story that are abstract generalizations of life yet the story itself has specific events (I guess this is the thing professionals talk about, specificity (showing) instead of being vague (telling) this is NOT what I intended when I started this bulletpoint im sorry I meant to talk about themes... I meant things like... applying personal experiences to shape what you write but in an abstract theme-ish way instead of literally rewriting experiences...maybe)
  • demonstration of everyday frustrations (like forgetting something, not knowing what to do on a first date) that aren't angst "tropes" (like cheating or death)
  • unreality (not necessarily hallucinations, but things that tread border of magical realism that is still not magic i guess; maybe different interpretations of things like time)

Tropes I usually stay away from:

  • aging down (unless it's temporary from magic)
  • disneyland
  • mentions of Terushima
  • A/B/O
  • songfics
  • stuff about raves and rock concerts
  • first person POV
  • epistolary (a little texting is okay)
  • AUs: rock band, police/teacher/fireman, office, tattoo parlor, military, pacific rim, pirate, alice in wonderland, sci-fi, historical setting/setting in 1900s, prostitute, outer space/aliens, fics set in childhood (unless being childhood friends was in their past), friends with benefits/hatesex, gang/mafia, punk
  • americanization (things like having characters talk about american shows/celebrities/movies, fraternities, seniors and sophomores etc., prom...)
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