• school readings (I might as well enjoy a tiny part of it...). Articles, excerpts of academic books (not textbooks), those are the kinds of things I involuntarily read for college. And I'm talking about looking at specific phrases and how they're built, the structure of sentences, and novel uses of ordinary words (not necessarily big ones!)
  • dictionary.com! i don't really use the words of the day in fic or daily language, but it is helpful to know some for school vocabulary, and for being inspired by specific words with pleasant meanings/sounds and then working around the word instead of actually using it (I did this for the ushiten I wrote, with the word origin/history of "focus" which brings up fire and physics-esque things)
  • other fanfic writers
  • ordinary reading, as long as it's not YA
  • scenic/atmospheric/quiet art, FHQ art, art of animals
  • fandom meta
  • elements and atmospheres of fantasy from books, anime, video games
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