list five things for every week of the year, these can be peoples names, places, emotions, a film title, song title, band, anything that sums up your week, it's like five thnigs but per week.


ㅤ‹ january:

  • first week: 'happy new year', league of legends, masterchef, just dance, creating a playlist dedicated to her.
  • second week: masterchef, watching lemonade mouth, finishing reading a book, 'spotlightz' by make it pop, her.
  • third week: raining a lot, sadness, fábrica de casamentos, league of legends, her.
  • fourth week: bored, league of legends, going to take vaccine, falling in love with cherry bullet's linlin, her.
  • fifth week: back to school, watching choreographies, doing homework, "i really missed her", tired.

ㅤ‹ february:

  • sixth week: doing more homework, learning about anthropometric measures, the female reproductive system, tired, her.
  • seventh week: first practice of anthropometric measurements, itzy debut, falling in love with chaeryeong, learning about woman's health, her.
  • eighth week: learning about the first cares with the newborn, applying a vaccine for the first time, worries, kisses, her.
  • ninth week: sadness, anxiety, addicted to 'dalla dalla', 3 months with her, tired.

ㅤ‹ march:

  • tenth week: carnival, studying a lot, stormy days, yoongi's day!, her.
  • eleventh week: exams week, anxiety, watching gameplay, finally eating lemon cake, her.
  • twelfth week: just two days of class, i finally learned to gauge blood pressure!, very addicted to 'bon bon chocolat', procrastinating, her;
  • thirteenth week: visiting an indian tribe with my class, oral test, i finally got a new headphone, sadness, her.

ㅤ‹ april:

  • fourteenth week: presenting a seminar, watching choreography, rolê na praça, sadness, her.
  • fifteenth week: presenting a seminar, map of the soul: persona, anxiety, her birthday!, menstrual cramps.
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