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  • li ♡ 24 ♡ she/her + they/them ♡ AUS/MELB ♡
  • chaotic dumbass
  • yamato nikaido in human form
  • lazy fanfic writer, headcanon bot, avid reader and aspiring artist
  • has a cursed sense of humour
  • has extremely bad tapping skills yet plays mobages
  • falls into rarepairs and characters with absolutely 0 content (and suffers)
  • if shirai is in the thing i'm going to absolutely follow said thing to the end of the earth
  • also loves and adopts all shirai characters
  • i give off the impression that i'm very cool but i'm actually not but feel free to talk with me i don't bite :')
dec 11 2018 ∞
mar 16 2019 +