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  • 02 | 24. gotta speedrun this fmllll. DID IT UGH. one more bites the dust. how these people know my UID?? i didn't even play co-op with them where did they get. every day is a day to regret not picking lumine.
  • 02 | 23. aaaaaahhh ayaka is so sweet y__y and saori's voice aaa (only her to make me change the dub). free rage again bc i am me and feelings are a bitch to deal with (also rsd fml). AYAKAAAAAA Q___Q.
  • 02 | 22. mihoyo....... kinda missing ghosting for a few days. cursed sands with 24% def i cry. she. "you gotta dance with the demon".
  • 03 | 21. ahh teenagers being teenagers... (you're gonna feel so embarrassed later in your life kid but yeah teen years are teen years) (also teens who are compulsively online... i'm so sorry). hhhhhh inazuma!!!.
  • 01 | 20. AYAKA AYAKA AYAKA AYAKA. i gotta kill this asap pls give me strenght and numbness. i hate wisdom teeth. thinking. consequences and man i need to read some philosophy books abt life or i'm gonna do a regret (worst part, my books are abt this struggle and i can't find a good counter fml). romanticizing maladaptiveness and failing to cope. numbers. maybe i'm just tired.
  • 03 | 19. AYAKA AYAKA AYAKA AYAKA. do you ever read some rando's carrd and "i bet they look like this" and they do. bad day but it turned out alright. procrastinating bc idk how to write the intro. my pal being a drunk-on-pills mess and aw man, seek a doc c'mon.
  • 02 | 18. sick. i hate the abyss. the RAGE.
  • 03 | 17. GUARANTEED. amber is almost done hhhh my love (can't believe she's hitting 10k on vape my girl). i'm gonna collect all the archers "even childe?" childe ain't an archer he's fake. took a good bath, feeling nice.
  • 02 | 16. doing nothing. wasted day but its okay.
  • 02 | 15. better. ate a little. writing bc ugh writing (okay i'm getting better, i'm this close to being good enough) (ayy it was good!!). amber (70) solo vs. cryo hypostasis (90) no hits, complete.
  • 01 | 14. where's my ritalin, babey i need you. stomachaches.
  • 01 | 13. im forgetting to eat again fml no wonder i'm sick.
  • 01 | 12.
  • 02 | 11. recover. ugh my essay was BAD but i'm getting better.
  • 01 | 10. ugh, it's okay. p ai n. anxiety and maybe dpdr but idk, things are weird and my eyes are weird. how to write an essay, step one: stop being arrogant. there's nothing worse than the inferior function istg (bless that i know when this bitch whines so i can shut it up). ahhh i hate my personality so much bUT there's gotta be someone who like me right.
  • 02 | 09. i suck. bad eyes. it's okay, i just need time. actually, this is foolish, i'm just feeling like shit.
  • 01 | 08. rage anger teeth violence, all unjustified. it's freezing.
  • 02 | 07. ey mihoyo ganyu rerun when. mob hunt.
  • 02 | 06. wisdom tooth fucking me up. reading. i just want ganyu can i please get ganyu.
  • 02 | 05. playing genshin w/ the gang. just that, i zoned out the entire day.
  • 02 | 04. hhhhhhhh. writing essay hard asf my brain hurts. making my serenitea DOPE.
  • 02 | 03. no wifi. okay. same as ever. went to bed early.
  • 01 | 02. feeling like trash and wondering how i'm gonna deal w/ going out after the pandemic. all my friends are busy and so should i but i'm trying, i'm reading again, i should fix this year well. took a 2 hour nap and dreamed about a huge house, grey and dark, wish i could remember.
  • 03 | 01. lil rage but i'm having braincells now. dreaming about shootings, persecution, death, guilt, car chases, it was very cool and very emotional but i was too tired to write down. ASK YOU SHALL RECEIVE A SWEET KEQING JESUS CHRIST YESSSSS (brooo she's so satisfying to play and she reminds me of hornet i'm done i don't have to wish anymore). i need... to organize myself (first leveling, then talents, then artifacts).
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