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  • 03 | 06. gaming. i'm trash but recyclable. noticed that i sneeze like a dog. tough choices. had a fucking meltdown because one of my earbuds stopped working. week one of treatment (i need to keep track of this shit). “i am sure! but am i though...” maybe yes maybe no but i like it yes (but i like doesn't mean it's the right thing to do).
  • 02 | 03-05. kinda numb. having doubts and fear but okay, things are okay. jesus christ you're not an ENFP shut uppp. the one and only. meme groupchat. “you should be this” (i know).
  • 03 | 02. it fucking works i am awed like wtf this is amazing, three days????? and that already???. throwback tuesday. mom and i talking about shitty genes. gaming. getting back on anime.
  • 03 | 01. i walked (god i missed this). les mis. coming out to mom but now with better words, better people, i think now we're getting there. anxiety (but idk if it's good or bad). memes on the groupchat. i'm not sure but i feel so good what the hell!!
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