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  • 01 | 25. sleeping through the day like the motherfucker i am. "i wanna draw" but no motivation, "i wanna play" but my pc cannot handle anything. discord games with the gang.
  • 02 | 24. some profiles here are really pretty. fixing anatomy mistakes because i suck at anatomy. crying at my drawings. thinking seriously about becoming a streamer fml. watching wilbur (and this) and pyro again (them brits).
  • 02 | 23. i hate working (i really thought i would enjoy it), i'mma put things in a balance (but if i actually decide to do streaming... what the fuck am i going to stream?). i'm scared she will find this account. waifu collector bot in our server.
  • 02 | 22. drawing Nyan's husbando in a maid dress. watching the worst movie of the year. uh yeah... i spent the afternoon drawing and sketching. feeling a little sick due monitor light. pretty numb, forgetful day.
  • 03 | 21. waking up late. research. i just wanna spend the day with herrrr (me @ myself). i cried at the spidey finale q___q. i keep forgetting what happened in those past months and who i was/am.
  • 03 | 20. playing ao. i ate properly after a few weeks, it's refreshing. i'm feeling very well today, i had a nice day. watching The Boy with Nyan and "THE DOLL IS AN INCEL", we laughed as hell, this shit ain't scary is just sad and funny. "It's teratophilia..."
  • 03 | 19. derivative miscommunication. liminal space. no computers, only undeads. supernatural ending (i never watched 1 episode of this clusterfuck but i get it). finishing achiev book. stuff. arm-aches. horror vs terror with Nyan. "ALA O BONECO...... PUTO. mas coitado ele só é carente".
  • 01 | 18. adhd 101 for the thousand time bc mom is Te inferior and doesn't believe me. playing ao. "yeah, i'm a miles fanboy, i would buy a miles blanket". i was so excited to buy a new pc then prices happened.
  • 02 | 17. ugh day. chores and being tired. spider-man: miles morales because he's the best spidey. my Se is so shitty i might have a trickster one (also, what the fuck are ISFPs????? i don't get youuuu). i'm getting better at typing, it's still a hard thing to do but i'll get there.
  • 02 | 16. typing is hard (why did i dismissed it when i was a kidddddd). 'The Beatles, Help'. yey covid symptoms haha great i loved going out on election day!!!!!!!!!!. researches. sketching.
  • 03 | 15. BRUH mechanicals are the BEST holy fuck i played like a pro LMAO. election day and "move to DF so you won't need to vote". WARRIN's VERGE.
  • 02 | 14. my hands are clean, it's not my fault you're raging for a droplet. thinking about mechanical keyboards. warcraft and tera nostalgia. sigh. kinda wanna rage but i'm way too right to care enough. ET MOOD. quit college.
  • 02 | 13. hell YEAH. little challenges. The Seige. drawing robert pattinson and making art templates. the American Idiot musical (yeahhhh live performances aren't my thing). liminalspaceliminalspaceliminalspaceeeeeee what does it mean???????? is it good????. (i should go back to typing classes i suck at typing).
  • 03 | 12. feeling paranoid. talking with the cutest 8 year old. little headache. uhhhh... blurry... it wasn't a bad day, but i can't remember anything. i played with the gang and we finished Nyan achiv. late-night talks with Nyan, "pick your girlfriend type" thing and The Curse. "who are they and why do you like them? why are they important to you?" (it was five years ago). Dude's playlist that FUCKS (holy shit his music taste is :ok_sign:).
  • 02 | 11. hmmmmm. cherry blue my LOVE. i'm quitting lyfe yeet. i dont knowwwww stuff im shitttt but fuck this shittttt, i'm yEETING. posting art and drawing a lot.
  • 01 | 10. mf headache killed me. i don't remember 1 thing of today, maybe i did nothing. feeling like shit. i'm so goddamn tired. drawing.
  • 02 | 09. the fucking beatles. my music taste this month is nonexistent, where's a music algorithm when i need it. house cleanup (eh). the sunnnn. typing and making icons. yeah, spring is the shit, it's my favourite season. quitting college, my ED is too high for this EAD shit.
  • 03 | 08. feeling guilty and stuck in time again. the dope-ass skin update. being unproductive. fixing htmls. i should be responsible but i can't see the consequences of my (in)actions. am i asleep again?
  • 02 | 07. farming for achiviments and falling behind the rank. thinking about art and plaguecore stuff. i'm being a lazy piece of shit, i don't wanna study i just wanna... i wanna... design a building, yeah.
  • 03 | 06. what the fuck. ok let's count 1) the putin resigning fake news, 2) bnha, dabi is a todoroki, 3) snk, eren heading up a genocide and the blonde girl giving birth, 4) the dude from supernatural is gay and people are going apeshit, 5) nevada, 6) "that quote from lenin". i played AO.
  • 03 | 05. finished a piece. tiredness. paranoia, but eh whatever, if i die i die. boring class. thinking. i'm so shitty with Fi good god help me (i'm probably intp but eh). books and arts and careers and what. i took a nap after lunch, it gave me a headache. reading that longass fanfiction i wrote for my friend, she doesn't even like the franchise anymore.
  • 03 | 04. i woke up with a nosebleed. stomachaches. sleepy as shit. class was shit, i was numb and dying. studying. free anger, not rage. missing among us but i don't wanna play it online i just wanna do tasks and roleplay as a nice dad. IT'S BEEN A WEEK, I NEED TO ANSWER THAT ML.
  • 01 | 03. i did nothing but it's okay. kinda starved myself the entire day as "punishment" and got sick in the evening lol (what the hell dude). gaming. water. eh today was awful.
  • 02 | 02. i keep forgetting i have dp/dr episodes since 2010 lol. fuck my fucking life the worst thing i know how to do is sleeping. free rage at my friend because she thinks a TUMBLR BOT is into her. upgrading 2020 list.
  • 04 | 01. birthday! (and typing everyone at the party). so she's an ENTJ huh. meeting the cutest ESFJ (ex-gf seems more like an ISFJ now). talking a lot 'cause woohoo i'm obsessed. it was fun.
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