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Love everything from the grass to the first person who walks by in the street. Love it all. That's the only thing that can make life not just bearable, but beautiful.

moony soundtrack (2022)
melissa comfort (sensations)
music (my soul through songs)
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music (piano songs)
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unfortunately i cannot live in a castle in the clouds

  • 2 gatos e 1 cachorro
  • adega
  • ateliê
  • banheiro branco
  • cama com dossel
  • cozinha rústica
  • estante de livros
  • jardim
  • lavanderia/área de serviço rosa
  • lustres
  • ótima iluminação
  • piano
  • piscina
  • rede
  • um lugar prático pra estender roupa (importante!)
jan 30 2022 ∞
jul 12 2022 +