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  • Nickname ♦ Snowbelle, Snow.
  • MBTI / Ennegram ♦ INFP 2w1 sx/sp
  • Zodiac ♦ Pisces.
  • Your Reputation ♦ Bookish, Psycho, Weird, a Whore, Minister's Daughter, "Ruined", shy, kind, smart and honest.
  • How You See Yourself ♦ Kind, enthusiastic, creative, funny and determined.
  • Alignment ♦ Chaotic Good.
  • Hogwarts House ♦ Hufflepuff.
  • Faction ♦ Erudite.
  • Game of Thrones House ♦ House Stark.
  • Anime Tropes ♦ Aloof Dark Haired Girl, Dandere, Blue Oni, Miko.
  • Your Game of Thrones Sigil ♦ A doe on a field of violet and white with the words "To Honor and Obey".

Lets Get Personal

  • Who Do You Go Out Of Your Way To Be Nice To ♦ The underdog.
  • What Languages Do You Wish You Could Speak ♦ French, Spanish, Gaelic.
  • What Tattoos Do You Want ♦ A blue rose on my pinky, an eye on my ankle.
  • If You Could Have Dinner With Anyone Alive or Dead ♦ Jane Seymour.
  • What Book or Movie Do You Quote Most ♦ A Song if Ice and Fire.
  • What Is The Worst Movie Trope ♦ Manic Pixie Dream Girl and Femme Fatale.
  • What Qualities Do All Your Friends Have In Common ♦ Loyalty.
  • What Food Do You Crave Most Often ♦ Jalapenos.
  • What Always Cheers You Up ♦ A good venting session.
  • How Ambitious Are You ♦ 10/10.
  • What Topic Could You Spend Hours Talking About ♦ Theories about fictional stories.
  • What Do You Do To Make The World A Better Place ♦ Recycle and treat everyone kindly.
  • Where Is The Most Uncomfortable Place You've Slept ♦ In a bathtub.
  • How Often Do You People Watch ♦ Every day.
  • As The Only Human Left On Earth, What Would You Do ♦ Make sure everyone was buried.
  • What Dumb Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of ♦ I can eat an entire medium pizza on my own in half an hour.
  • What Book Impacted You The Most ♦ "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman OR "The Wrath and The Dawn" by Renee Ahdieh.


  • Favourite Colour ♦ Plum, burgundy, forest green, champagne pink.
  • Favourite Song ♦ "Fly Me To The Moon" by Frank Sinatra.
  • Favourite Holiday Movie ♦ A Christmas Carol.
  • Favourite Awful Movie ♦ Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
  • Favourite Physical Feature ♦ My hands.
  • Favourite Overall Feature ♦ My generosity.
  • Favourite Tudor Queen ♦ Jane Seymour.
  • Favourite Urban Legend ♦ Bloody Mary.
  • Favourite Perfume ♦ "Attar Rose" by Maroma.
  • Favourite Scentsy Bar / Scented Candle ♦ Black Raspberry Vanilla.
  • Favourite Pub Food ♦ Yorkshire Pudding.
  • Favourite Odd Smell ♦ Gasoline.
  • Favourite Piece of Clothing ♦ Any of my dresses with pockets.
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