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20: broken
21: healing
22: kindness -> broken -> healing -> acceptance

they were unkind to you. don't let that make you unkind.

daybreak follows:
  • 8/28/19: i'm sad, i'm so sad. i don't want to be sad but i am. i miss you.
  • 8/29/19: i have to promise myself to not reach out to you, even if it means that you might not reach out to me for the whole 9 months.
  • 9/1/19: why haven't you said anything to me yet? why haven't you contacted me once since you left yet?
  • 9/4/19: it just feels like you never cared and i was always your last priority
  • 9/7/19: you don't care about those who care about you the most
  • 10/2/19: missing you hurts so bad
  • 10/3/19: knowing that you're doing well without me in your life makes me bitter towards you
  • 11/1/19: saw a picture of you and i still felt something for you. i wish that you'll never come back.
  • 11/10/19: i thought i saw you yesterday but it was someone who looked like you and all the hurt came back
  • 11/19/19: ben asked me how i was dealing with it and i told him that it's hard to say when i haven't seen or talked to you since august
  • 12/3/19: i never meant anything to you this whole time
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