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treasured moments, a private reminder of all the good and lovely

✧ july: secret pat birthday mission (accomplished thanks to robin's help!) that made me so happy until right now / decorating my new journal, planning it all out and the few entries i've already written / conversations about growth and change that many people seem to have been thinking about these days / creating something with my own hands for a very dear friend /

✧ june: kingdom ending / stuffing our freezer with ice cream (especially oreo ice cream) / strawberry season starting again / chocolate chip pancakes by caitlyn siehl / cycling through a very late afternoon, running away from storm clouds / fresh strawberries every day / cycling with my dad through unknown forest routes, barely catching my breath but happy nonetheless / the most wonderful curiosity quiz from jam / splurging on stationery shopping and journaling supplies, the serotonin of all of it arriving (so soon!) / a weekend spent watching national cycling championships playing out right under my window, how exciting it has become / attempting to come back to my writing account this summer / passing all the exams and being freeeeee for the summer (except for work), the thesis seminar i chose for next year sounds exciting / watching movies with jamlois after what feels like centuries!! overwhelming amounts of devastation with my beloved / ji changmin's dance class at dawn / writing in my journal / listening to my students talk excitingly about their experiences with speaking norwegian irl

✧ may: the package for jam finally arriving at its destination / hopping onto random people's twitter spaces / rereading tainaron after a few years and feeling even more than the first time / vidcall with n and choosing to be vulnerable / 5 hour long twt space with pat & friends, the hours of talking about the boyz! learning so much about them & friends & myself too / untitled (perfect lovers) by félix gonzález-torres / three days of commenting on eurovision performances with friends (mostly complaining, praising a few) / ry's theb discord server, connecting with friends / listening to junew's radio program as i work on my own things

✧ april: snowdrops in the park / donating money for two good causes / my letter arriving in seoul / the end of my everline order tortures / pre-jam day and jam day celebrations and all the loving accompanying it / trashtalking hesse's writing with vannia / the unexpected excitement of thinking about the future's possibilities, n's most reassuring reply / buying birthday gifts for my sis / make your own / unexpected late night talk about fear of heights and hide and seek strategies / o sole mio & tango / a good dream i want to remember / 이주연의 동행

✧ march: jasmine milk tea / the music 林老师 plays before her classes start / howl's moving castle / my mail arriving at all three destinations / catching up with friends / younghoon's a to boyz video / 이주연의 동행 / the delight of buddy reading the bear and the nightingale with dina and exchanging thoughts on it with her (+ the thoughts and info on our respective regional myths and legeds, learning about nyai roro kidul) / ending the week juyearning with lois / a warm, happy dream / an envelope filled with n's loving / a spotify session, and a metastream session to make a weekend so much better / catching up with tromsø gals / catching up with dione / days that feel like spring / the comfort of convos with n, being called a best friend

✧ february: the sunset on the 5th and the golden light falling on the snow in the park / the heavy snowfall that began the moment i went out on a walk with buffy / writing letters to friends / jaws 3 (yet again) with the fam in the evening, i can't explain the sheer joy of watching bad shark movies / convo with n til very late into the night that suddenly became so heartfelt and loving / hanging out with jam and lois: the excitements and everything we've talked about, being demonyo-ed into online shopping, showing them the snowfall in real time, me taking an hour to leave / juyeon's vlive / the love i've received from so many people in so many forms that i'm still processing (very slowly and with greatest care); a painting, a drawing, a playlist, a drawing, a photo, an annotation in a calendar, all attached to messages from friends / watching jam's itzy unboxing! and even though three of us were all sick and/or tired, it still was the best time (no surprise) / daylight at 7am is back / having class with my favourite teacher again after a long time / tracking the mail i've sent out to friends / a purple and green copy of howl's moving castle found in the mailbox after morning walk / n's words about life's beauty / crash landing on you yearning revisit with bianca, randomly choosing ep. 9 that turned out to be one of the most devastating ones

✧ january: trying a fruit i have never eaten before (physalis peruviana/cape gooseberry) / first ever metastream sesh with charon / finding more excitement than stress in teaching (for now) / signing up for a competition for best translations of chinese literary texts / staying up and talking about mornings with lois / the amount of snow we've been getting this winter so far, playing around while plowing the snow in the backyard only for it to get buried under a fresh new layer an hour later / a sudden realization and the discovery of a very own private language / walks with buffy and golden sunrises / catching up with jam / svt group session on spotify / companionship is the longest confession / 千山鳥飛絕/萬徑人蹤滅/孤舟蓑笠翁/獨釣寒江雪 / almond group chat / art talks with n. / late convenience store run (before it closes for sunday) to get some snacks for the lonely study sessions (later it turned out that it's one of the sundays when shops are open) / shinee comeback announcement / sunwoo's letter

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