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"...what really matters is what you like, not what you are like... Books, records, films -- these things matter. Call me shallow but it's the fuckin' truth"

thirty-something. hufflepuff. geek.

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Because I'm strange and I give names to everything...


  • Edgar · Sony A6300
    • "Well, I've got a diploma. I guess I could make a really useful paper hat out of it..."


  • Mr Bubbles · PC
    • "Look, Mr. Bubbles. It’s an angel!"
  • Sir Didymus · 1TB ExHdD (WDE)
    • "None shall pass without my permission."
  • Stilinski · 500GB ExHdD (Buffalo)
    • "No, a body of water. Yes, dumbass, a dead body!"
  • Kenway · 1TB ExHdD (WDE)
    • "Everything is permitted? I like the sound of that."
  • Ellie · 1TB ExHdD (WDE)
    • "To the edge of the universe and back, endure and survive..."
  • Watney · 1TB ExHdD (WDE)
    • "Duct tape is magic and should be worshipped."


  • Flint · iPhone 11
    • "Everyone is a monster to someone. Since you are so convinced that I am yours. I will be it"
  • Abe · iPod Classic
    • "Rotten eggs and the safety of mankind."
  • Bucky · iPad Air
    • "Remember when I made you ride the Cyclone on Coney Island?"


  • Nux · PS4
    • "I live, I die. I LIVE AGAIN!"
  • Cecil · Kindle Paperwhite
    • "Don't judge a book by its cover... by its leather cover... by its human skin-looking cover. Don't ever judge that book."
  • Milo · Toyota Yaris
    • "These guys are kinda cute when they're not, you know, formed into a fiery column of death."
  • Rossi · Bose Soundlink II
  • Hopper · Bose Soundlink Headphones II
    • "Mornings are for coffee and contemplation."


  • Crowley · Kindle 3
    • "Submit or die? What are you, French?"
  • Nolan · Nikon D80
    • "I'm the most extraordinary pessimist. I truly am."
  • Flynn · Nikon F801
    • "Frying pans! Who knew, right?"
  • Eames · Fujifilm Instax 210
    • "Don't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling."
  • Oscar · Olympus Trip 35
    • "I mean, I'm playing myself, 'cause I only have myself... to play with."
  • Joel · Nikon D7000
    • "I struggled for a long time with survivin'."
  • Braddock · iPad 2
    • "I have to believe that when things are bad I can change them."
  • Striker · iPhone 5c
    • "That's Striker Eureka's tenth kill to date. It's a new record."
  • Dameron · iPhone 6s
    • "...Do I talk first or you talk first? I talk first?"
  • Spock · PS3
    • "Who was that pointy-eared bastard?"
  • Reaper · PC
    • "They're Marines, Sam, not poets."
  • Jarvis · Lumix TZ7
    • "May I say how refreshing it is to finally see you on a video with your clothing on, sir."
  • DeWitt · Nikon D7200
    • "City at the bottom of the ocean? Ridiculous."
  • Frank · iPhone 8
    • "You hit'em and they get back up. I hit'em and they stay down!"
  • Barton · PC
    • "Boomerang arrow, Kate -- It comes back to you in the end. Boomerang. Respect it."
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user picture Michelle: Don't forget to add your PS4! :-D sep 7 2015
user picture Minju: You name lot of your things ? It's personal? I love it. ( sorry i'm french and my english isn't well.. so ... ) feb 4 2016
user picture becca: Yes it started with my first ever iPod and I hated having it just called 'Becca's iPod' when I connected it to iTunes so I renamed it Abe and everything spiralled from there :)