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how do I define history? it's just one fucking thing after another

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  • Gentleman fucking Jack
    • I would happily watch Anne march around to jaunty music pretty much the whole show
    • I would die for Marian and John and Thomas
    • I have ordered the book with the foreword by Sally Wainwright from work
    • I watched the first episode three times because I couldn't wait for the second episode, and now I've watched the second episode twice
    • no one I know loves this show as much as I do and it is upsetting
    • seriously someone shut me up
may 28 2019 ∞
aug 2 2019 +
user picture andwuwei: I'm kind of with you on that - TV/film-wise, Gentleman Jack is the best thing that's happened to me this year. I loved the way the beginning of S01E01 was shot - it was very kinesthetic. From what I remember, every musical "push" matched a closeup of a dynamic touch of something to something or/and untangling of something from something. Regarding your love for E01 and E02 specifically - coincidentally, they are the ones Sally Wainwright directed (not just wrote), judging from her IMDB credits. And E07 as well - I've been rewatching two scenes from it over and over. I find the series somewhat flat though (except for Anne-Ann, some parts of Anne-Mariana Lawton scenes and comedic moments in general), but there is something very healthy & mature about relationships (or the way they are shown) in these series. I can't pinpoint what it is. Oh, and I'm so glad that the final episode isn't devastating, despite what the promo clip showed!! Regarding "no one I know loves this show as much as I do" - could be partly because of the age thing. E.g., I've noticed that I tend to react much deeper to the series/films where the main character(s) is the same age or somewhat older than me. So, when in comes to Gentleman Jack, my guess is you might find more fans among people who are in their late twenties or in their thirties. And, preferably, lesbian/bisexual. And maybe there are some close parallels/similarities to your life in this show, so you (maybe even unconsciously) react deeper because of that (family dynamics, socio-demographic stuff, etc.). Oh, and you can find plenty of people loving Gentleman Jack on tumblr. I usually rely on jetgirl78 and lesbianangstnovels tumblrs for screenshots and gifs from the new good l/bi scenes from TV/films; and I've also found shibdenhalls tumblr dedicated specifically to Gentleman Jack. Sorry that my comment is as long as a letter, lol. Feel free to delete it. jun 11 2019
user picture honeybee: I love this long-as-a-letter comment :) when I made this list only the first two episodes had aired here so I was kind of too scared to read all of this since I saw you mention e07! the first two episodes are still my favourites so it's interesting that those are the ones Sally Wainwright directed. I don't know if I find the series flat, but I do sometimes wish it went a little deeper into the characters' lives (particularly the servants). you might be right that the reason I don't know many people who love this show like I do could be because of the age thing, but I definitely agree that for some reason this show and the character of Anne Lister has really struck a chord with me. I might check out tumblr, now the series has finished here! jul 16 2019