• I'm a toxic person (BPD and more)
  • I feel comfortable being alone
  • I want a perfect partner (perfect for me, not a perfect person in general)
  • I don't believe in love - it doesn't last forever because it's only a feeling and those change
  • I live with my parents (I have no job but I also take care of them)
  • I'm ugly/insecure
  • I don't like sex?
  • I am attracted only to cis feminine women
  • Relationship is a cage, it limits us, we have to compromise
  • I'm unloveable
may 7 2018 ∞
sep 4 2018 +
user picture Zuzanna: and I don't want to have kids may 9 2018
user picture Zuzanna: also - if we love not for something or despite something it would mean we can love anyone so it's unfair to love one person and justify or forgive them when we don't do it towards others jun 23 2018