• I'm a toxic person (BPD and more) - I'm unloveable, I'm just weird, there are many differences between me and other people and I never met anyone who would be even slightly similar to me besides my dad who is my best friend, I don't fit in and I don't want to, nobody is able to tolerate me for a long time and I can't accept someone's quirks either
  • I feel comfortable being alone, I like to have my own space and don't care about opinions of others while making decisions in my life
  • I don't believe in love - it doesn't last forever because it's only a feeling and those change, it's chemistry maybe so it's important what you do about someone, I don't like temporary happiness - I prefer none if it's going to end anyway, also - if we love not for something or despite something it would mean we can love ANYONE
  • Relationship is a cage, it limits us, we have to compromise
  • I live with my parents (because I have no job but I also take care of them)
  • I'm ugly/insecure
  • I don't like sex?
  • I am attracted only to cis feminine women
  • I want a perfect partner (perfect for me, not a perfect person in general)
  • I don't want to have kids
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