• xxxi. — STILL ill. not going to school tmrw. ⋆ matching bios w timmy hell yea ⋆ FDJSKAHLA TIYMYMYNOOOO I FEEL SO BAD. ⋆ haven't been updating this thing bc SCHOOL. grr. ⋆ oh to be a spanish-english dictionary.
  • xxx. — i love him sm stop. ⋆ did clown makeup today. sexy.
  • xxix. — "where's scotva? either east, west, south, or north of russia. next to that one country near russia with a v in it." - isabella; on that bimbo energy we luv to see it! ⋆ ISABELLA LIKES HOSHI TO BOKURA TO. I REPEAT, ISABELLA LIKES HOSHI TO BOKURA TO. ⋆ my GOD. can i please enjoy and be proficient at something without being pressured and exploited for it. im tired of having everything i enjoy ruined for me and resulting in having nothing left to cope with. and stop saying you aren't pressuring me. stop using me as leverage for your public image.
  • xxviii. — hnng i need more piercings. i really want more lobe piercings and a nostril piercing AT LEAST.
  • xxvii. — "rooht wordmbs babfey" ⋆ aa i love the necklace ty mars. ⋆ my throat hurts. not sexy.
  • xxvi. — i feel great aaa. ⋆ i STILL want a varsity jacket help. ⋆ FUCKFUCKFUCK. im gonna cry. ⋆ fuck this, i need comfort media. persona 4 time lmao. ⋆ i haven't cried this much in a WHILE. v familiar.
  • xxv. — trying to convince kel to transfer to my school lmao.
  • xxiv. — we can??? sit outside for lunch???? ⋆ AW three people recognized me n wanted to talk to me. one knew my name and the fact that i like tdp?? wtf it's only the fifth day. also complimented the amethyst necklace i made. :,) one of them said that my bandana's iconic. <3
  • xxiii. — feeling better from last night. gonna listen to music in the car to cope. ⋆ someone complimented my outfit aaa. <3
  • xxii. — someone in my class has a goro mementos missions pfp for canvas too. twinnin. ⋆ kel,,, with shades. ⋆ helping timmy make outfits.
  • xxi. — made kel think he was muted for like five whole minutes. i CRIED laughing AHHAH. he's salty as hell now. ⋆ "oh my god. bitch. i'm literally gonna have an orgasm. the candle is burning evenly." - candle whore, isabella ⋆ shama gave me a cute space shuttle plushie aaa. kel almost screamed when he saw him. ⋆ building a v tiny space shuttle for onton. the pieces r so tiny. why. WHY.
  • xx. — in study hall rn. v boring because i don't have any work to complete. :/ ⋆ it's only the third day and i'm stressed. ⋆ hhh flashbacks. ⋆ i've been tired all day. ami ghumate chaaai. :(
  • xix. — chem teacher is cool. ⋆ why does kel look so pretty in the sunlight. unfair. ⋆ ugh. feeling bad ab my seventh period. i'm SCARED. it's all i can think ab. :(
  • xviii. — i love my first period teacher agh. also !! she has fairy lights in her classroom. v fun. ⋆ mother accidentally caught a towel on fire bc she left it on the stove. queen shit.
  • xvii. — school starts tomorrow. excited to have normal routine in my life again, not excited to be stressed as hell. also i'm a whore for stationery. ⋆ hhh i don't like showing my cleavage in public. :( collared oversized shirts r a lifesaver. ⋆ timmy twitch streamer era tbh. watching them play mario kart is v fun. ⋆ thinking of starting persona 4 once school starts.
  • xvi. — dentist appointment. my mouth's numb nd it looks,, v weird. isabella mocked me boooo. ⋆ "right, eri?" "huh?" "see? they agree w/ me." ⋆ helping timmy find clothes.
  • xv.linh's videos r the only thing getting me thru life rn. ⋆ made use of the little heart shaped tag that came with a plushie by putting it on my overalls. v cute. ⋆ isabella shut up this is TORTURE. ⋆ yall i accidentally deleted the rest of the diary,, what even happened LMAO. i feel like i'm supposed to be sad but idm. ⋆ agh i luv pinterest ♡_♡ but i do wish the desktop site had dark mode too.
  • xiv. — have to go to a bday party n baby shower. i hate it here. ⋆ cba to make to an effort on my looks. still lookin seg ce tho. ⋆ tried a macaron for the first time.
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