main interests

  • OT9 PENTAGON — i'm a universe, my blood is navy blue
  • i listen to others too, but i have the tendency to hyperfixate and get disinterested very quickly. so no extensive bias lists, we die like men.
  • genshin impact — xiao main, but i love everyone in liyue

more stuff

  • general: astrology, biology, cuisine, museums, writing
  • music: hi-lite records, arctic monkeys (+)
  • variety shows: 15ya channel/tvn shows, 2d1n, food-related
  • + tolkien alliterative verse + franchise
  • + kuroko no basuke yes help i'm stuck in early 2010s
  • rapid interests cycle bcs i have no attention span rip
oct 4 2020 ∞
mar 1 2021 +