don't follow me if:

  • you're transphobic / a terf / invalidate non binary identities
  • you believe in reverse racism, cisphobia or anything like that
  • you're anti-semitic
  • you're pro israel
  • you think cishet asexuals are part of the lgbt community
  • you are fatphobic
  • you think fiction doesn't affect reality and ship/defend pedophilic/incestuous/abusive ships
  • you support bi/pan lesbians
  • you're younger than 18 years old. i would rather not be following any minors

also take into account:

  • i like taylor swift so if you hate/dislike her we're probably not gonna get along and tbh i'd rather not be mutuals
  • same thing goes with bts
  • i don't support the split attracion model or anything that has to do with mogai bs
  • i can't take furries and otherkin seriously
  • i do that thing where i jump from one interest to another and it's super annoying but that's me
  • the pansexual label was born out of biphobic misconceptions and no i will not elaborate just read the bisexual manifesto
  • actually read this
jan 14 2016 ∞
jul 25 2020 +