↷ january

  • 01 | feeling hopeful; trying to be more positive; stressed because it's too hot; finish reading a book; summer breeze at night.
  • 02 | worried about my future; missing my babies; listening to promise by jimin on repeat for hours; overall a lazy day.
  • 03 | too hot for a human being to live; hose bath with my dogs and brother; i read a lot; was outdoors till midnight; monet was more caring than the usual.
  • 04 | happy iana because it rained!!!; the smell of freshly baked cake; missing sunmi so much; wrote a little; decided i'll read all books indications from bts this year.
  • 05 | woke up with sid and lady licking my face while monet was sleeping in my stomach; rainy and cold (the perfect weather!); monet's sick (the worst start of a year i've ever had).
  • 06 | took monet to the vet and he's with chronic anemia :(; i'm so sad.
  • 07 | monet's so much better already? i love my strong baby; saw the sunrise for the first time; it was very blue.
  • 08 | saw the sunrise again and it was so pinkish, i'm in love; it rained a lot (very happy iana); found an abandoned dog :( we are taking care of him, he's so caring and clumsy
  • 09/10 | nothing much happened, i watched random youtube videos and complained because it's too hot; worth mentioning that i read the little prince.
  • 11 | spend the entire day watching the good place; finally a "me" time!!!; feeling proud of myself because i stopped eating meat.
  • 12 | monet's so much better and he won't take his medicine i'm going crazy; read a bit of harry potter; organizing my room; yoongi, taehyung and jimin new hair color? yes.
  • 13 | ice cream ♡; went to the beach and it started raining; the sky was so beautiful; mental breakdown because i don't have enough space for my books; started watching cherry bullet reality show.
  • 14 | feeling down because of loona's situation Again; astro's comeback in two days!; rain always making me comfortable.
  • 15 | can bts Rest?; my ult groups aren't having the best days :(; that's what i call a stormy day; jimin's purple hair.
  • 16 | happy birthday to me!!! (also seungkwan and jennie); a storm almost destroyed my whole city, i'm so powerful; strawberry cake; feeling annoyed but don't know why; i really don't care about birthdays.
  • 17 | i slept the entire day and read a bit, nothing special.
  • 18 | i woke up when nina's gift had just arrived! i cried a lot while reading the letter and the bracelet is so beautiful and exactly my taste, i truly loved sosososo much; i did so well on enem???? is this real life; i'm feeling hopeful; overall such a good day.
  • 19 | slept a bit; started reading harry potter and the globet of fire; wrote some recipes because i'm not eating meat anymore and i need to survive in this house; listened to day6 discography.
  • 20 | watched bts: burn the stage; wrote a lot on my bullet journal; starting to get anxious thinking about college.
  • 21 | can't wait for loona's comeback; cherry bullet debut!; organized my bullet journal;
  • 22 | i want to start studying korean but the hot weather makes me ugh; missing the times when i used to write a lot; tired of this routine.
  • 23 | such tiring but great day!; i spend my time with my godmother and her daughter, we watched animations, ate popcorn and lots of chocolate; i couldn't even sleep properly even though i was tired.
  • 24 | slept till 3pm so i was sleepy the entire day; tried to watch alan's live stream but it was lagging all the time.
  • 25 | monet hurted his paw so now i'm taking care of him; spent the day painting.
  • 26 | made a tumblr of layouts for loona; feeling a bit down; need to keep my head busy or i'll go nuts.
  • 27 | slept because the weather is comfortable; tried to read and watch a tv show but i'm not good at concentrating today; found my astrological twin;
  • 28/29 | bleh.
  • 30 | HA SOOYOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the love of my life strikes again. i missed her so much and seeing her dancing being the most charming and mesmerizing girl ever, i'm so in love; taehyung released scenery and it's truly one of my favorite songs ever :(.
  • 31 | settling my new routine, Please stick with it, dumbass; collected leaves to put on my bullet journal because they're so beautiful;

↷ february

  • 01 | hello february, don't be too hot, please :); started learning korean for the 393408th time; tried to play the guitar again, but Too Hot.
  • 04 | not feeling writing here every day, so i'll just update when i want to.
  • 08 | talked about a lot of stuff with nina, as always i'm wishing her the best.
  • 09 | found two kitties :( i'm really sad because i can't take care of them, so i just gave water and food, i hope it doesn't rain today.
  • 14 | now i also run a twitter account for astro and layout tumblr for loona!!!; feeling like i really need to write a lot again but i need to buy a pen which leads to never actually buying because i don't leave home.
  • 16 | happy birthday, sofia! ate lots of candy and enjoyed a lot of music; wishing i played guitar more than never.
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