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most interesting things I've found since learning Korean:

  • it's written using syllable blocks, top to bottom, left to right
  • its grammar structures, which are so different to English
  • particles! there are soo many particles but the concept of time and location particles are the most fascinating to me
  • demonstratives have three distinctions (english only got 2)
  • two different number systems
  • time is told using a combination of these two number systems
  • counters for different items
  • politeness levels and honourifics
  • it is just one of the most orderly and satisfying languages to learn!!!

It's getting up to just under two years since I started learning Korean as my third language so I decided to write this list. Whilst I still get pretty down on myself for forgetting things, having terrible pronunciation, etc when I remember that I chose this for myself and that I've stuck with it for so long, when I remember that it's nice to undo some of the brain damage my mental illness has done, well then I feel a little proud of myself. I suppose I've found a hobby to last me a lifetime and there is so much comfort in that. I'm excited to see where I'll be in another year's time. ♡

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