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  • that one time we passed a plastic scorpion back and forth for a week
  • being so sad about his inability to help me through a CAS call
  • "you have to wear sunscreen, you're so fair"
  • how preciously excited he gets while talking about superheros
  • letting me gently order him to go home after working more than a full camp day
  • his dog and how much he loves his dog
  • "i'm impressed with how both days of staff training i've been my levels of inappropriately early and havent been the first one here!" "yeah, just so you all know Hayley's anxiety will not allow her to be less than 10 minutes early"
  • loving animals & cow whispering in particular
  • "ooh i'm Hayley, i'm so cool, I have plans and do art and yoga"
  • endless chats about pokemon
  • getting so angry about the incident last year with the guys from maintenance and the bat
  • how passionate he is about special needs kids, and how upset he is about the lack of services for them
  • "you know, some people don't get it. you get it"
  • promised to read Harry Potter when/if i read Lord of the Rings
  • "you wouldnt like it, you wouldnt mind the gore, but there are a lot of jump scares"
  • endless chats about classic rock
  • "i'm impressed with our staff and how well they followed dress code... except Hayley... in her sandals" "i said i'd put shoes on the second you needed me to" "i know i'm just giving you a hard time"
  • his anxiety laugh and how weirdly calming i find it
  • how we both have the same worry about our child protection policy making our programs harder to access for children that probably need the most protection
  • making fun of me for my nervous mama tendencies around camp kids/any kids we encounter in our work lives
  • has an amazing singing voice
  • "Hayley will know" (even when this is wildly false and i dont know at all)
  • kind eyes that are a particularly charming blue/green
  • "can you do a cartwheel, [the camp kids] asked me to try and i just learned i still can!!" "i cant" "try!!" "Hayley, i don't have to try to just know that's something i cant do!"
  • so so great with kiddos (even though i dont think he wants his own)
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