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  • I held a very new baby at work
  • one of my work kids families' got me a Christmas gift
  • talking to my mom


  • heart to heart with S


  • fighting with S again.
  • a rather emotional episode of Queer Eye
  • being drunk at the cottage and still in love with S


  • one of my camp kids and how much some of these kids have been through in their short little lives
  • B's wedding
  • talking to S alone in the hotel room. my heart is still broken
  • long wait times in emerge/having my blood pressure taken multiple times/being scared of having appendicitis
  • end of camp. how much i adore some of those kids


  • fighting with S, C's broken heart & the unfairness of it all
  • S and i being friends. again
  • talking one of my camp kids through a panic attack. coming home and crashing


  • thinking i'm mourning a friendship (a few times)
  • the movie The Book Club and holding hands with S
  • the dead cat on the sidewalk


  • most of birthright
    • the Kotel
    • calling S on Shabbat
    • group programming/Yad Vashem prep/talking to M about my relationship with my mom
    • getting Bat Mitzvah'd in Jerusalem. before Bat Mitzvahs with R, after with H.
    • Yad Vashem & Mount Herzl
    • saying goodbye to J
  • coming back to S. hearing about her and M
  • B crying about her wedding (ongoing)
  • B crying about the cuteness of cats (ongoing)


  • S crying because we're friends
  • my relationship with my mom
  • confessing feelings/leaving S
  • the movie The Proposal
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