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times are hard for dreamers. ☾

vagabond follows:
monday songs (i can play on the guitar)
emi books (contos lidos em 2018)
ℋosho . ( TO DO / 2018)
elizabeth home and garden (plant collective)
dana movies watched in 2018
  • so broke lol
  • applying for internships and jobs
    • the anticipation of waiting to hear back from the ones I've applied for
  • I've gained a lot of weight and nothing fits me anymore
  • I am breaking out A LOT especially on my neck and I feel so ugly
    • so so so ugly god i hate it
  • Several teeth are ache-y
  • anxiety about my painting class
    • not being good enoguh
    • comparing work to others (like the actual arts majors)
    • breaking something/messing up/being stupid in general
    • so many assignments
    • my mother being difficult in getting me to the studio to work enough times a week to get my WORK DONE
  • wanting to isolate myself
    • but also wanting attention
    • not wanting to bother anyone
  • the US turning into a fascist nightmare
  • feeling taken advantage of, like i exist just to serve other people and their needs
  • my dad
  • my poor cat :(
  • my mother keeps taking out her anger on me and i am constantly terrified that she is going to start yelling at me i live in this petrified tense state and i hate it i want to die
jun 27 2018 ∞
jul 12 2018 +
user picture the invisible girl: THE LAST ONE! so relatable...sigh jun 28 2018
user picture shug avery: I feel so much of this. jul 9 2018
user picture vagabond: I'm sorry :( It sucks, doesn't it?