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  • Open my chest and color my spine! I'm giving you all, I'm giving you all!
  • I can see through you - we are the same! It's perfectly strange, you run in my veins!

Wolves Without Teeth - Of Monsters And Men

  • I'll be fine, I'm alright, it's my body! Gonna stick to my guns like you taught me! Holy hell, I can tell ; that you hate me! Dying moon! Keep me up! Keep me waiting!

Buttercup / Hippo Campus

  • You can't escape forever! Mistaking smoke for Heaven's light! It's not follow or a fade to black and white!

Stomach It - Crywolf

  • Don't make me cry, it's bad enough! I made it hell for all of us! What's it like being glorious?

Glorious - The Hoosiers

  • I want you to follow and find me! Howl like it's us and no one else!

The Definition of Not Leaving - Hands Like Houses

  • Welcome to the Panic Room! Where all your darkest fears are gonna come for you!
  • Welcome to the Panic Room! You'll know I wasn't joking when you see them too!

Panic Room - Au/Ra

- the entirety of fourth of july no surprise -

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