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Kuni/Mike, he/him, 22, white cis gay, probs aromantic, certified villain apologist

impossibly feminine boys are my aesthetic

leftist, queer liberationist, inclusionist, intactivist, sexual liberationist, pro-shipper

anti-radfem rhetoric of all kinds, not just the transphobic drivel

stan yamaguchi or die

tsukishima tadashi follows:

i am a creature of five kinks that intersect at varying degrees.

it should go without saying that i do not support things like rape in real life. i have a fixation with the idea of myself or a character im projecting on being victimized by a result of trauma involving in the disregard of my autonomy, and sexualize this fixation through rape fantasy as to defang my fears regarding loss of control.

you are not owed the details of my trauma just because you find my kinks offensive.

while my rape kink is in part due to trauma, im fully supportive of others that have the kink without any trauma to "justify" it.

fiction be fiction.

  • mpreg
  • transformation
  • rape
  • vore
  • soul entrapment

all of my other kinks are born of the intersections between these:

  • omegaverse
  • breeding
  • male lactation
  • feminization
  • rape/noncon
  • kidnapping
  • dubcon
  • forced crossdressing
  • hypnosis/brainwashing
  • identity death
  • forced gender transformation
  • bimbofication
  • stepfordization
  • constantly pregnant
  • vore (oral, cock, anal, alternative (im fond of udder vore))
  • digestion
  • disposal
  • soul entrapment (prey's mind continues existence after death/digestion, attaching itself to the preds body)
  • inexperienced/unassuming pred
  • dehumanization of prey
  • food transformation (prey is transformed into a piece of food)
  • ass transformation (a person is turned into another person's ass)
  • cock transformation (a person is turned into another person's cock)
  • underwear transformation (you should get the gist by now)
  • sex toy transformation
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