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Kuni/Mike, he/him, 22, white cis gay, probs aromantic, certified villain apologist

impossibly feminine boys are my aesthetic

leftist, queer liberationist, inclusionist, intactivist, sexual liberationist, pro-shipper

anti-radfem rhetoric of all kinds, not just the transphobic drivel

stan yamaguchi or die

tsukishima tadashi follows:


  • cops r bad
  • billionaires are bad and should be eaten
  • unionize
  • capitalism is bad
  • food, water, temperature controlled shelter, and health are all human rights
  • if someone murdered the people raising prices on life saving medicine id consider it a human rights victory
  • sex is good, actually
  • support sex workers or die
  • fiction be fiction stop telling people to kill themselves over it
  • jokes v
  • yamaguchi tadashi's birthday should be a national holiday
  • outlaw depictions of tsukishima as a bottom and yamaguchi as a top
  • kurotsuki should be criminalized
  • jokes ^


  • queer is a good umbrella term and if you dont like it go bother someone else about it cuz my activism aint for you
  • queer activism shouldn't be about insisting we're normal and "just like everyone else" it should be about sexual liberty and agency + the right to gender identity. it doesnt MATTER if we're "normal" we still have a right to be who we are and practice sexual agency with whoever we damn well please (so long as they are of the proper mind to consent (of age, sober, etc) + have our identities, gender or otherwise, be as "strange" and incomprehensible as we damn please
  • Stop Trying To Make Us Palatable To Cis Straight Society
  • Cis Straight Society Needs To Suck It Up And Accept That Sometimes Things They Don't Understand Exist
  • It Is Not Our Job To Be Clean And Easy To Consume
  • ace and aro ppl can ID as queer if they damn well please, regardless of other attractions
  • just because the split attraction model isnt useful to you, specifically, doesn't mean its broken. maybe you're just a whiny baby??
  • its not the fault of ace/bi/"MOGAI"s that you were confused about your identity, being confused isnt a bad thing, identities are meant to be explored and are a journey. if you were confused, im sorry, really, but stop blaming other people you fucking control freaks
  • "stereotypical" queers arent making us look bad youre just a fucking traitor that licks cis straight boots
  • dysphoria isnt necessary to be trans, but i aint trans so that aint a fight ill pick
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