my favorite month of the year, definitely

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critique on my monologue for throwlines thursday

notes for a broken heart: how to get over someone, the school of life *

every instance of love from my newspaper’s community announcements (obituaries, memorials, births, birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations) - saturday, june 27 2020 -- from preschooldr0pout on tumblr

07/04 - I finally started watching 영혼수선공 from the beginning. I love it! There was a mishap with me thinking Once Again was not showed today, while I desperately needed to watch something. I settled on this one as I really wanted to watch it and I'm glad I did. I cried the first two episodes. It wasn't a bawl, but I expect more from future episodes.

07/07, 1:07 - My plea, "Please give me comfort. Please give me comfort. Please give me comfort."

Caught Sky High on a random channel surf. This is one of my ultimate favorite films.

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