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alice liddell~ follows:

☆Acceptable names

  • Connor

★Timelines: 2


  • Mas genderless (he/it)ᵗ¹ / cis man (he/him)ᵗ²
  • Het aceᵗ¹ / gayᵗ²
  • Monogamous

★Causes of shift

  • Source
  • Awkward social interactions
  • Chloe rt600ᵗ¹
  • Lieutenant Hank Andersonᵗ²

☆General personality

  • Socially awkward
  • Bumbling
  • Trying my best
  • Aloof and distrustful, difficult to process emotionsᵗ¹
  • Wide-eyed, whimsical, trusting, naiveᵗ²


  • Chloe rt600ᵗ¹
  • Lieutenant Hank Anderson and the rest of the Detroit Police Departmentᵗ²


  • Violent android revolutionᵗ¹
  • Hank in dangerᵗ²


  • None found
  • Looking for Chloe rt600ᵗ¹ and Hank Andersonᵗ²

☆General memories

  • tl1: The android revolution was very violent and out of control. I was caught up in it partially against my will, and it scarred me pretty bad. Everything just traumatized me pretty bad. Chloe and I found each other after things had calmed down. Kamski had treated her terribly- he had sex with her but deliberately didn't program her to enjoy it, he bossed her around, hit her, and basically had no regard for her as an individual. She hit him over the head and ran away, later learning she'd killed him. We bonded and fell in love and moved to a little house away from most people. We didn't go out much. We mostly just found comfort in each other's company.
  • tl2: I was the first android to become an official police officer in the country!! I got paid and everything!! I lived with Hank and usually called him Lieutenant mostly because it annoyed him. We were partners and really good at our job and I really enjoyed it. The android revolution was peaceful and me and Hank kind of did help out androids whenever we could, but we mostly kept our noses out of it. I know I had my own bedroom at Hank's place, it actually used to be Cole's, but I think I slept in Hank's bed with him a lot of the time. I don't remember if our relationship was more familial or romantic. During the events of the game I did die somehow, but I don't remember how. I was taken back to CyberLife and repaired instead of being replaced by another model, because I was too complicated and expensive to rebuild from scratch. I really vividly remember seeing Hank again and him going through confusion, happiness, anger, then happiness again. I had to talk him through it all, but eventually he settled on happiness.
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