• late night thoughts: will you be mine?
    • jaemin keeps overthinking about jeno’s feelings for him. and when jeno suddenly wakes up beside him, jaemin is forced to tell him about his worries. he can only hope that jeno wont think hes an emotional disaster.
  • scenario vamp!au
    • human!jaemin and vampire!jeno are roommates in university
  • don't hang up on me!
    • it's spooky month and jaemin keeps receiving weird text messages from an unknown number trying to fool him.
  • you cannot hide in the darkness.
    • jisung and chenle tries to summon a demon at jeno's house. how is jeno supposed to react when he walks home and finds no one but an odd and surprisingly hot dude lying down on his bed?
  • fanghyuck
    • jn loses his partner in an accident but continues to text his number just to have someone to talk to. he texts less and less when he starts to heal, but then, one day, someone texts back.
  • njmvelvets
    • jeno sends jaemin a very “questionable” question in his ask box, but little did he knew, it wasn’t anonymously
  • lucky charm
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