• Audio Only
    • That’s by far the most annoying thing about classes over video conference. Jeno’s been listening to sexy-voice Mark Lee flip class discussions upside down for nearly two months, and he still has no idea what the dude looks like because he never has his camera on
  • can you see my (golden) heartstrings
    • jeno doesn't have magic, until he does. he expects everything to change. in reality, nothing does, and that's all that matters.
  • colour me blue
    • jeno has a habit of biting on his nails. mark finds a solution.
  • rose-coloured boy
    • Veela blood runs through Mark’s veins. Jeno calls it a challenge. (hp!au)
  • You belong with me
    • Loosely based off Taylor Swifts you belong with me music video (hs!au,fluff)
  • words in your hands
    • Mark is sure that Jeno is interested in Renjun so he ignores all his attempts at flirting. He really wishes Jeno would just stop; it's not good for his heart. (hs!au, friends to lovers)
  • worth the wait
    • hs!au, enemies to lovers


  • Cyber Sex
    • “Damn, I didn’t know that’s how you felt.” There’s a smile in Mark’s voice and it’s suddenly so low in pitch and oh god.
  • Finders Keepers
    • Jeno recognizes the tiny pleasure that flushes his chest. It isn’t new. It’s always been there, as long as they’ve known each other.
  • Friends do this, don't they?
    • childhood friends, experimenting
  • heartache on the big screen
    • Whatever it is that makes the country obsess over Lee Jeno, Mark prays to dear God he doesn't catch it.
  • just us two (cause all i want is you)
    • Mark has a demanding career keeping him out of the city and away from Jeno for months on end. It's easy to deal with the distance because his boyfriend usually comes home for the holidays. Except this time, he doesn't
  • looking for attention

Jeno isn't fully awake yet, and his brain is only functioning at about 30% capacity. Because of this, and the cute embarrassed flush on Mark's cheeks, he decides it's a good idea to cause problems on purpose.

  • perform
    • Jeno asks to sit on Mark's cock. Mark delivers, but with a twist.
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