• running in circles
    • In which the government runs a DNA-based soulmate search program that determines the opportunities participants have in life. Matching only 5 percent, Jaemin and Jeno are the lowest ever recorded soulmates.
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  • baby, we will be alright
    • Jaemin is a player, no strings attached. He meets Jeno at a college party, and everything goes downhill afterwards
  • bittersweet and baby blue
    • It started out innocently. It always does, Jaemin thinks.It started out innocently until one day it wasn’t anymore, and the lines of who held power over who became blurred.
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  • age of acquiescence
    • Affluent businessman Jeno, who usually prefers older, well-established partners, finds his world changed by Jaemin, an exceptionally captivating escort who just happens to be younger.
  • as far as you'll let me
    • Jaemin knows Jeno's body better than anyone else.
  • baby, we will be alright
    • Jaemin is a player, no strings attached. He meets Jeno at a college party, and everything goes downhill afterwards
  • Complex Simplicity
    • It was all very simple; Jeno couldn’t be gay. He just couldn’t. He was an idol, a part of NCT, so it couldn’t even be...
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  • (capturing you and your little heart too...
    • in the heat of the moment, jaemin begins to think. how can one be so, so beautiful?
  • he is the noise
    • Jeno lives in a small town that he can't wait to get out of. Enter Na Jaemin, new boy with pink hair and charm that even Jeno can't quite ignore.
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may 8 2023 +
  • All eyes on us
    • Jaemin is forced to act alongside his rival for an upcoming film, and he learns two things in the process. One, hating Jeno is a little too hard. And two, falling in love is much easier.
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twt aus

  • psychjen
    • jaemin's life has never been filled with much surprises. so when he, the campus sweetheart, presents as an alpha, he's suddenly left fumbling. but a bigger surprise is that when he asks hyuck for help, he sees his friend's brother instead: the cold omega lee jeno


  • a chance on love
    • After a month of pretending to be boyfriends to convince Jeno's parents, Jaemin and Jeno make the mistake of falling for each other. Now, a handful of what if’s hang in the air and Jeno holds no answer to them. What happens if they get too caught up in their web of lies? What happens ...
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may 4 2023 +
  • a little electric
    • Jeno hides his crush by pretending he's indifferent to Jaemin's presence. It turns out to be quite difficult to keep up the facade.
  • capsize
    • Jeno falls for his sister's boyfriend.
  • choking up when i see you
    • Jeno hates him. he hates the way he leads him on. he hates the way he is the sole cause of his breath smelling of flowers.
  • got my number
    • in which jeno wants nothing else than to be there for his heartbroken best friend
  • i will never forget the first time
    • the story of how jeno meets the beautiful...
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  • always been yours
    • Jeno finds out the hard way he's deathly allergic to cats. Jaemin's solution? To be Jeno's new cat.
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  • love, love, love
    • Slytherin's stellar prefect Na Jaemin is in love with his best friend, Hufflepuff's Quidditch team captain, Lee Jeno. Things are complicated
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  • call me (baby) once again (dojen)
    • After many years, Doyoung gets back in touch with some kids he used to look after—only to discover they’re grown up, mature, and definitely not “babies” anymore.
  • (can't keep my) hands to myself (nominjun)
    • “What we’re saying is,” Jaemin murmurs, and his gaze darts briefly down to Dejun’s lips before snapping back up, “that if you want to. We’re yours.”
  • empty day and darker night (norenmin)
    • At first, it was something he had to get used to — giving himself up wholly to not one, but two people. Letting himself be pampered, taken care of, provided for. Now, he craves it.
  • god gifted (nohyuck)
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