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dm me the quote "hero time" to be accepted ♡

jordan follows:
  • jordan (jords), kin names
  • they/them or xie/xem
  • 18
  • saggitarius
  • punk
  • very, very extroverted
  • usa
  • taken
  • I have very few boundaries, so you can literally ask me almost anything. I kind of have a tendency to overshare

Read banner after you finish reading everything

dec 2 2016 ∞
nov 9 2018 +

Don't Follow If:

  • you dont think nonbinary people exist
  • you are racist/sexist/lgbt-phobic
  • you ship incest/pedophilia/abusive stuff. I do not make exceptions to this even if it is a coping ship
  • youre against polyamory
  • you are factkin
  • you dislike usuk or ship fruk. You can actually still follow for these but do so at your own risk. Usuk is a big comfort for me and fruk is like the opposite

If you are confused by these guidelines then please message me your concerns and I can explain more

Health: Heres my health stuff since i guess it makes it easier than explaining my behaviors? Idk. Anyways all are diagnosed by professionals i dont do self dx

  • ptsd & c-ptsd (yeah i have two forms of p...
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sep 14 2018 +

Characters: !! = biggest comfort <3 = kin related

  • England (Hetalia) !! <3
  • France (Hetalia) <3
  • Peter Parker (Marvel) !!
  • Ishimaru Kiyotaka (Danganronpa) <3
  • Chihiro Fujisaki (Danganronpa) <3
  • Kanji Tatsumi


  • usuk
  • peraltiago
  • spideytorch
  • kanjiyu
  • kannao


  • marvel
  • punk music
  • plus size and punk fashion
  • sharks
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sep 14 2018 +

Please talk to me about any of these things!! I love talking to people and I love this stuff so like here's a not so concise list of my usual conversation topics

Current hyperfixation: ps4 spider-man

  • fashion- i am an apparel design major. im really passionate about androgynous and plus size fashion and hope to someday start my own brand pertaining to that
  • punk music/subculture
  • sharks- my favorite animal in the whole world!! Hammerheads are my favs but all sharks are good and if you think sharks are malicious or evil creatures then this is not the place for you
  • cult classic & horror movies. My favorite horror series is Saw
  • marvel, especially spider-man. Spidey was my first superhero and has been an integral part of my childhood and life. I love all forms and iterations of spider-man a...
dec 2 2016 ∞
sep 14 2018 +