᯽ I go by the name Amirykal Faith. Call me Rika for short. Please do not refer to me by my previous names, unless you're someone who knew me from decades ago.

᯽ Legal age.

᯽ Not really into zodiac (unless the killer's case), but I am a Virgo. My MBTI is ISFP.

᯽ My pronouns are either she/her or they/them. Both are acceptable.

᯽ Mostly rambles about:

  • MCU & DCEU
  • aespa, BLACKPINK, etc. Just my faves in general.
  • cats
  • Haikyuu
  • other random things that I find interesting in the moment.
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  • imnabongs
  • jenniemaryjane
  • withIovejane
  • kkimjeinne
  • aespaakarina
  • Karomd (currently active)


  • catfIix
  • jenduckie
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᯽ I'm suck at replying mentions & dms, so please be patient with me.

᯽ Often retweet and like random things.

᯽ I read & comment AU from here. Expect a lot of tweets about that.

᯽ Also expect rants about my real life problems.

᯽ My account is a safe place for everyone. I won't tolerate any hatred and slander to anyone. Not on my watch.

᯽ If you don't like the things I love, that's okay. I understand that people have different taste. However, please do not interact with me if you're planning to spread hate or talk badly about them. The exit door is wide open.

᯽ You're allowed to break the ties by softblocking if you're uncomfortable with me and my tweets. No hard feelings!

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