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❝ she liked the feeling of being winnowed down, as if there had been too much of her before, that anything unnecessary had been taken away and what was left was pure. ❞
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ                  — the strange bird

honeybee autobio (positives in 2020)
books (favourite fiction)
observations (small happinesses in a strange time)
petra favorites (star trek scenes)
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  • jul – outdoors when not working, completed french a2, everything superman, christopher reeve's doofus clark kent
  • jun – new gaga!, plants on the balcony, peaceful protests, ideas for replacing/reforming mpd already appearing, all four charged!!!, bought a bike finally, new run the jewels so fucking timely, spending more time outside, long weekend bike rides, finally a hair cut!, three months as wfh, the greatest generation: ds9
  • may – parks & rec special :'), dalgona matcha is my jam, got hbo again, may races canceled, ordered birthday pie, the strange bird, "more exercise and books, less screens", adding more soy to diet, (expected) 10% pay cut, 34!, mirror mishap, riots, riots spreading to other american cities, chauvin charged, militia/extermists? setting buildings on fire
  • apr – may/june vacations cancelled, new purity ring, mostly pescatarian diet accidentally, a month at home, kingdom, fiona apple finally returned!, all of community in one month, company says wfh indefinitely, better call saul season 5 holy shit, getting better at keeping up with people
  • mar – podcast catch-up, rock music, finishing multiple knitting projects, covid-19, couch to 10k, the witcher, redoing the balcony, star trek: ds9 and the greatest generation: ds9, uncanny valley, crying through everything data and riker/troi on star trek: picard, new nin!!!!, "stay at home"
  • feb – outro: ego, new poliça, finishing studio ghibli, starting the pt-assigned running program, watching the watchlist of 2019 films, new bts and grimes on the same day, finished a full book, star trek: picard hitting me in the feels
  • jan – depeche mode, studio ghibli, 1970s films, going to the cinema, knitting a blanket for the first time, new star trek, mediterranean eating, suju being suju


jan 1 2020 ∞
jul 8 2020 +
user picture Michelle: Do you have a way other than text I can keep in contact with you? My phone got shut off, and I miss you! <3 may 19 2020
user picture elizabeth: Oh, no! Yes, of course! I still have FB messenger if you still have your account.