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# blacklist is a MUST READ. everything else you can skim but it would be nice if you checked them out a bit... (。・ω・。)

applepals follows:
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  • name: mo, momo, or peaches!
  • preferred pronouns: he/him - she/her
  • i'm: 23, neurodivergent, black/mixed, not cis/straight; - heavily leaning towards women bc they're great and i love them
  • sign: hot headed leo · tiger
  • MBTI personality type: infp
  • alignment: lawful good
  • temperament: melancholic
  • astrology chart: rising in aries, sun in leo, moon in taurus, mercury in cancer, venus in virgo, mars in gemini, jupiter in scorpio, saturn in pisces, uranus in capricorn, neptune in capricorn, pluto in scorpio, north node in scorpio, lilith in taurus, midheaven in pisces, chiron in virgo, dominant sign: scorpio
may 26 2017 ∞
jul 13 2018 +