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# blacklist is a MUST READ. everything else you can skim but it would be nice if you checked them out a bit... (。・ω・。)

applepals follows:
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ships - pls don't talk to me about them anymore

bold means they are my ultimate notp's and i will unfollow if you don't tag these ships. i hate them and they put me in a horrible mood

one piece - all luffy ships except usolu/lusopp

  • ZOLU - zoro x luffy
  • LAWLU - law x luffy
  • KATALU - katakuri x luffy

kuroko no basket

  • AOKISE - aomine x kise
  • kagakuro - kagami x kuroko
  • aokuro - aomine x kuroko
  • kagakise - kagami x kise

characters - i'd rather you not talk to me about them anymore (especially asking why i don't like them) unless i start the convo first

one piece

  • roronoa zoro
  • trafalgar law

kurko no basket

  • kise ryouta
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