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"Killing me softly"

hi!! i go by fai or nani. im a quiet boring girl but if you manage to get me to talk to you, then im probably loud and a little bit obnoxious

meeting me in person

  • i get anxious sometimes
  • i have certain unusual distinct habits (E.g. chewing on ice) So if you see me do what i do, i appreciate it if you don't ask. it makes me uncomfortable
  • its not easy to be my friend, and im sorry for that
  • i need a lot of time alone & personal space ;;;
  • be careful not to upset me since i can get touchy
  • I'm easily agitated Hee
  • i have a bad habit of oversharing ;; oops
  • you will find out im actually quite an opinionated person. it might come off as a bit brash
  • i laugh and get excited easily. my laugh is v loud mind you
  • i might start yelling when im happy or sad. just,, just let me calm down
  • sorry if reading all this makes it sound difficult, however i appreciate everyone who has been nice to me especially if you put in the effort to get to know me. Thank you!

twitter ⟧ (read byf!!)

  • im a heavy twit user
  • i tweet mostly in english, sometimes in malay
  • i can be vv noisy!! follow at your own risk
  • improper punctuation, a lot of abbreviation used IM TRASHY
  • i talk a lot abt the shows im currently watching and probably will mention my fave characters several times
  • i talk abt songs too. i listen to japanese and english songs.
  • i can get v emotional/sentimental talking abt smth so expect a lot of tweets (songs especially)
  • okay i'm ngl. im kind of shady on twitter. u kno what i mean
  • i also talk abt myself :0 my life
  • i have the tendency to tweet and delete A LOT!!! (im annoying)
  • mild rts (quite a lot but i try to limit tho;;)
  • my rts usually consist of memes, jokes, anime, art/illustrations, entertaining tweets, relatable tweets, etc.
  • interact with me if you want okay!! i dont bite :-) its easier for me to type than to talk
  • if u don't like me, soft block me. then slowly walk away.. if u choose to press 'unfollow' instead, well hopefully i don't find out.
  • if u choose to follow me despite all my rants and annoying tweets, please know that i appreciate it and it makes me slightly relieved you're ok with me! Thank you ♡

if you see a smol lone wolf girl walking in campus with an absent gaze, that might just be me!! Say hi.

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