FE3H Ferdibert IN PROGRESS Fics

  • Fears and Frights of F√≥dlan [Buzzfeed Supernatural AU] (2570 words)
  • Somnophilia (2426 words)
  • Demon couplet (on deck)
  • onlyfans AU (on deck)

FE3H Ferdibert BACKBURNER Fics

  • Haircare (vague)
  • Slither in the Dark [survival horror AU] (plotting)
  • romcom lost ring/soulmate AU or as Mei called it, "Skirtinand von Hired" (plotting)

RPs to Fic Pipeline

  • Blue Lions Ferdinand (in progress)
  • Arranged Marriage (plotting)

Other FE3H Fics

  • YuriAshe anything to get it out of my brain


  • masquerade ball AU (plotting)
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