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half white (british, swiss, irish) half chinese (han, manchu). texan. ♀. ♐. slytherin/pukwudgie. currently 17 3/4 yrs old. aspiring baker/chef, although i may not be the best at it.
demi blanc, demi chinois. texan. une fille. un sagittaire. j'ai dix-sept ans. je souhaite que être une pâtissière.

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  • i am absolutely infatuated with the idea of balls, ballroom dances, ball gowns. I just love the idea. Although, having heard they are the pre-20th century equivalent to clubbing, i don't know how much i would truly enjoy being in one. but one can dream of the idealization of fairy tales, can't they? i don't see any harm in that. but i am in love with the idea of having an absolutely beautiful gown with glistening jewelry (although i feel in actuality i am much more modest) and gorgeous hair. i am love with the idea of meeting a handsome man and dancing with him. wouldn't it be wonderful to have met your love that way? i would love the glistening ballroom and chandeliers, gorgeous ballgowns, and small petite appetizers. Essentially, I would love to be Cinderella. I can only dream. Perhaps, one day, I get to go to a ball (not a dance mind you, a ball), dance with a handsome man, and maybe, just maybe, because i know this is an otherwise very unrealistic expectation, just have a romance.
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