Ten Seconds That Can Change Your Life

In his book, The Healing Code, Alexander Loyd, Ph.D., N.D., shares an incredible breathing exercise he calls "Instant Impact." This exercise offers the benefits of 30-60 minutes of either vigorous exercise, deep yogic breathing, or meditation—and it takes just 10 seconds.

Instant Impact can be done any time you feel you need it, however, Loyd recommends going through the following 4-step series at least 3 times a day:

  • Rate your stress. When you begin using Instant Impact, focus on the overall level of stress that you are feeling that day or that moment. How intense is it? How strong is it? How much is it affecting the way you feel? The way you relate to others? The way you see the world? Do you feel it anywhere in your body?

We ask you to rate your stress on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being no stress at all and 10 being an unbearable level of stress. This is an extremely helpful tool for you. When you rate your stress level before and after doing Instant Impact, you have a measurement for your success in reducing that level. You will know whether to do it again to lower your level further. You will know when your overall level of stress begins to decrease after practicing Instant Impact for a little while.

  • Place your palms together in any position that's comfortable. You can interlace your fingers, use a praying position, or any other position—as long as your palms are together.
  • Focus on the stress you want to leave your body—physical, emotional or spiritual.
  • Do Power Breathing for 10 seconds: Breathe rapid and powerful "belly breaths" in and out. Do this by forcefully blowing out and sucking in through your mouth. Use your diaphragm so your belly moves out as you breathe in and moves in as you breathe out. If you feel a little lightheaded, breathe the same way but reduce the intensity.

As you do the Power Breathing, Loyd advises you to visualize something positive, whatever that might be to you in that moment. Not only does this reduce your stress as much as 30-60 minutes of exercise, or breathing or meditation alone, but it can also:

Stimulate your cardio-vascular system. Increase energy to the endocrine system. Improve immune system functioning. Boost your lymphatic functioning. So, take a deep breath (for ten seconds) and see what happens!

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