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Hello, this is my about and kin lists!
About: 18 year old transboy (he/him) who is Demisexual and Panromantic. Literal fandom trash and just trash in general. Cosplayer since 2013. Apart of a cosplay group with some friends. Pretty accepting of everyone - or tries to be.
Note: All kins and questioning kins are male (whether cis or trans) or agender.

Adrian follows:

Don't you dare follow if...

  • You are a bigot
  • You are an asshole
  • You CURRENTLY identify as a pedo/MAP/Whatever the fuck you wanna say
  • You're racist, sexist, etc
  • You're LGBT+-phobic in anyway
  • You strongly exclude Asexuals/Aromantics from the LGBT+ community
  • You believe asexuals/aromantics are the only ones who can use the split orientation model
  • You are good friends with darkestnuisance on IG, darkestnuisance/saakala-rose/artistrose/a2k-ta-number2 on tumblr, or any of their other social media and have come here to hate on me and/or get me sucked into fucking drama
  • You are good friends with Preston/hallucinagentics on tumblr or any of their related social media and have come to hate on me and/or get me sucked into fucking drama
  • You are good friends with the people who run kinnie-time/anyone related to them on tumblr and have come to hate on me and/or get me sucked into fucking drama
  • You're anti-kin
  • You just want a follow for follow
  • You are a double of Hematite (any other doubles are a-okay with me!)
  • You're going to hate on any of my kins/timelines for any reason
  • You ship incest (fictional) from a culture where it's not okay (ie a fictional incest ship from a(n), say, American TV show set in America or related country) and it's not kin-related
  • You ship non-fictional incest
  • You support Trump and Pence
  • You support Hilary
  • You ship SasuSaku and NaruHina from Naruto/Naruto Shippuden unironically and can't see how unhealthy SasuSaku really is
  • You will openly hate a character/show/media/etc that I am kin with or from/like and try to shame me for liking it/kinning with or from it

Ask to follow if... (These don't apply if I follow first or we know each other personally already)

  • You are -15/+25
  • You aren't kin (but aren't anti-kin either)
  • You aren't kin with any of my sources and you're also not Kin with any of my interests
  • You are a canonmate that I'm weary to talk to or I've stated I don't really want to find
  • You're a sourcemate or canonmate who kin-dates or only looks for certain canonmates they dated just to date them again
  • You dislike a character that I kin with
  • You talk about politics a lot

Please follow if...

  • We share sources
  • We might be canonmates
  • We're in a lot of the same fandoms
  • We have similar interests
  • You think we could be good friends
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