• 7/31 10:41 pm in dream. zack eating me out but not touching me quite yet. me saying wait hold on i have work tomorrow..no, i just fell asleep this doesn't make sense
  • 8/10 chasing blue cards but cant find all. tarot reading. store changing. big door. turning thai clothes to gold. men fucking each other. we wanting mark wahlberg
  • 8/26 dream about spirits, headless twin ghouls. six feet under haunted images of cars and planes out of control being stopped with psychic interference from small children. juliana saying goodbye to me as she goes to work. so taciturn
  • 8/30 dimly lit hotel lobby. on phone with auntie marilou. walking around eating
  • 8/31 had a dream about kim kardashian
  • 9/4 terrifying dream mike lieberman fucks me in the garage. cums all over my shirt and shows me off to some people. try to wash my shirt off in dirty dishes yet see that it is red. mike is rude to me. feel demonic presence pulling me off bed and beg addie to shake me awake. see soft white light hands but nothing shakes me awake. shake me really hard. beg her to wake me up
  • 10/6 dreams about making clothes with mommy that look like fruit roll up. a house all messed uo and grey doesn't get it. edd saying he thinks we're so compatible - the passionate assistant - the perfect prospect. edd's text of him dressed like a girl? said i was adventurous and experimental
  • 10/16 in my dream edd ok'd us together and kissed me. he swept me away
  • 10/17 dream i called out to sam and said bas while we were in a parking lot, he was with another girl that looked more masculine and i kept envying her because i was wearing heels but SHE WAS LITERALLY ME wearing my bomber jacket, her hair was blonde with dark roots like last week and standing next to him..I just couldn't tell that it was me. buying stuff in the parking lot, and thinking about how easily all of it could be ruined or was pointless already. because most of them were used. two young little girls bullied me while i was in a bathroom, i look outside and see this gigantic party outside with miranda on internet looking happy (accepted by women? easy?)
  • 10/17 in my dream my very broken heels broke..
  • 10/18 beautiful snowball photo. christmas tree. taking it through an angelic frame. i will never forget its look. comic book hamster basement. jordan hiding hamster in dresser. hamster eating old pizza
  • 10/19 dreaming about seats for theatre high up. continue to search for seats with morgan but too many men hitting on us. i see people from ithaca that stare with interest or distaste, i can never tell. tall church seats. 4.19 but i pay 5. some mesmerized by meeting me
  • 10/20 in dream ed called me and told me he had been watching me. strategically to ensure we should be together. he fucks me in my own house with grey morgan and mama and papa there. i feel the warmth of his cock. it feels amazing but another woman is there. a russian porn model. he says he only wants me for sex basically. he says he strategically chose the russian porn model too. i realize he is just after beautiful women. miss ponsart on webcam and my sister too. she's thinner wearing red and yellow uniform. looks like mcdonald's uniform
  • 11/26 nick takes me to get shoes cuz nobody else will. lost clothes in jenna and shannons. wanting smoothie maybe getting starbucks. papas medicine stuff lost


  • 2/28 salt dream. making friends with magda again. fat calves. dimly lit starbucks. cranberry. edd asked me to be his gf
  • 3/5 getting free makeup. from family. deep abuse in place of ben kellogg. cali one day. with auntie marilou. ben stealing getting caught. me trying to help. morgan and i deep abuse. whipping. high school food line. walking out of class 1 min early. mr. caughman. free lipsticks. me saying no to some girl
  • 3/17 in my dream it was francesca's birthday and I wanted to be invited and tried and she didn't want me there...I left because I was never invited anyway
  • 3/24 In my dream I saved all animals but a cute little seal. I tried to make it come back to life but it was already dead. And I loved it so much
  • 3/31 tutorial to the bible. crazy insane rape drug party. waiting for some bus that never came
  • 4/14 I had a dream I was in a room and amanda came to visit with Morgan and they went to Disney and we were coming tomorrow. Norman loved me in my dream via text somehow. Everyone seems to hate Norman but he seems to love me
  • 4/19 me walking through trees and it keeps switching into different
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