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☆ read this before you follow for information about me and the contents i tweet. have a nice day ahead! ★

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read this before you follow.

  • i’m using she/her as my pronouns so please address me the way i prefer.
  • i’m okay with new nicknames or pet names as long as it’s not offensive.
  • i have an intense fear of clowns so please refrain yourself from posting or tweeting any kind of clowns. if you do, i’m sorry then i would have to bub you.
  • please put trigger warning or contain warning on: clowns, coulrophobia, jumpscare, selfharm, suicide, suicidal thoughts, and nsfw contents.
  • i tweet a lot on daily basis and it’s mostly rants about my personal life (tmi contents) i’m usually more active at night time, and i sometimes use many harshwords.
  • i hype iz*one and cho seungyoun, also other groups such as the boyz, x1, and other produce groups. antis do not interact.
  • i like to share funny and jametie memes on my timeline, also cats if you don’t mind!
  • lastly, i won’t tolerat any racists, homophobics, antis of my favs, and problematic people.
mar 26 2021 ∞
jul 24 2021 +