• besides surfing, what do you think about? love, for instance? " “Tell me, Kim Mingyu,” Wonwoo finally answers, but the distress and impatience in his voice don’t go unnoticed to Mingyu’s burning ears. “What can possibly be so urgent that can’t wait for me to finish giving you head?” "
  • when i met you in april, you were looking like may. nc-17 " They weren't ready to deal with the fact that their random hook-up from the club happened to be one another. To make matters worse (or better), they sit right next to each other in class. "
  • polar. " Opposites attract, but like minded last." But what happens when two polar opposites who go by the names Kim Mingyu and Jeon Wonwoo cross paths? "
  • the parental adventures of mingyu and wonwoo " ...It’s kind of crazy, like before everything was 720p, but now it’s 1080p in 3D or something.” Mingyu says, trying rather hard to articulate his rush of feelings. But he knows that Wonwoo can understand him better than anyone else, and more than anyone else knows how surreal the entire experience felt. “Because we never thought this could happen, but here we are. ”
  • all in pg-13 " In which Mingyu is that one protective boyfriend who won't let anyone lay a damn finger on his boyfriend, Jeon Wonwoo. And Jeon Wonwoo is just a fool who completely fall in love with the delinquent, over-protective Kim Mingyu. "
  • runaway angel nc-17 " Hardly anyone comes to Mingyu’s home anymore. Until one stormy evening, when he hears a light sneeze from outside and finds a timid pair of eyes peering into his window—a shivering catboy staring wistfully into the warm shelter. "
  • sketches of me nc-17 " Wonwoo gets caught cheating on an exam and faces the consequences. "
  • let me barge into your heart " Kim Mingyu is a stressed college student. As a bio pre-med major he spends most of his nights (and days) in his apartment studying. Which is why his social life (especially in the love department) is pretty dull.The only way he'd find someone is if they barged into his apartment. Jeon Wonwoo is also a stressed out college student. As an english major he has a lot of reading and writing to do, but he loves it so he doesn't mind much. What stresses him out most is being dumped by his boyfriend and not knowing who to turn to for comfort. He can't go to his friends for fear they'll make a scene and he knows he shouldn't go through it alone. So what does he end up doing? He runs into the apartment of one of his friend's neighbors, Kim Mingyu. Why? He'd like to know too. "
  • behind these metaphors (I want you literally) nc-17 " Wonwoo doesn’t know how his favourite regular ended up on his bed… or why he’s asking him to stay. "
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