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your local trash goblin and mp100 enthusiast

mary follows:
  • i am a very big nerd! i have an immense passion for books, animation, film, video games, and tabletop games (especially d&d).
  • i'm also a musician. i sing and play the piano a little bit.
  • i'm very introverted and can be a tad bit shy at times. please keep this in mind when interacting with me!
  • i'm a college student who's currently majoring in psychology. focusing on my studies is a priority of mine. because of this, there may be times where i'm not as active on my social media, so please be patient with me!
  • i have anxiety and depression, and i'm currently in therapy to treat both illnesses.
  • i really love helping others. being there for people and being supportive of others is very important to me.
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