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all i want is to be running through a meadow in a white lace dress

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  • “I think a lot, but I don’t say much.” — Anne Frank
  • “I have decided to find myself a home in the mountains, somewhere high up where one learns to live peacefully in the cold and the silence.” — Mary Oliver, excerpt of “I Have Decided”, in A Thousand Mornings
  • “My mind is filled with dreams of romantic meetings.”
  • “I love my solitude but I was meant to be a lover.” — Rachel Wolchin
  • “She did not need much, wanted very little. A kind word, sincerity, fresh air, clean water, a garden, kisses, books to read, sheltering arms, a cosy bed, and to love and be loved in return.” — Starra Neely Blade
  • “The scars that were formed from my mistakes are my very own constellations.” — BTS, from Answer: Love Myself
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