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   likes ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ! ˎˊ-

bad puns, gift giving, pop punk, coffee and black tea, detective stories, the moon, rain, math, philosophy, fall out boy, cats, the taste of advil, my electric guitar, astronomy, classical music, impressionism with big brush strokes, taking the scenic route, jupiter, the stars, kind people, cheese, my friends, angst, russian lit

   dislikes ( – ⌓ – ) ! ˎˊ-

lab reports, nostalgia, highways, tv static, untidiness, bright colors, ginger, hiccups, honey, loud chewing, open fields, sunglasses, sweet foods, the smell of gasoline, humidity, overlapping voices, being babied, ephemera, cloves, anti-intellectualism, the past and future, empty apologies, virtue signaling, parties, drama & gossip

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