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believe it or not, this very if is everything you got

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you're heaven to me on this dreadful earth.

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    • "The energy Chanyeol has is really bright and pretty. That's why all the hyungs always dote on him. [...] He has busy schedules but even then he is always bright. His eyes are like a deer's. I wonder how someone can be so pure." — Choi Taejoon.
    • "Chanyeol is just really gentle. He may seem prudish but he is actually just foolishly nice, seems like something to be proud of, but he just knows how to be considerate of others." — Park Yoora.
    • "Chanyeol is an innocent man. Sometimes he's so innocent to the point he seems immature. He doesn't know how much of a charm that is. Chanyeol-ah, in the future I hope you keep your innocence." — Kim Minseok.
    • "He has a soft heart, so I'm always worri..._Byun Baekhyun._
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    • make lists
    • carry a notebook everywhere
    • try free writing
    • get away from the internet
    • read books
    • sing in the shower
    • drink coffee or tea
    • listen to music
    • know your roots
    • don't give up
    • practice
    • don't force it
    • read a page of the dictionary
    • write something everyday, even if it's just a one word journal
    • write down every idea you have
    • have a workspace
    • clean your workspace
    • take risks
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❝we live in a shockingly beautiful world. we are walking through the living kingdom of heaven every day; the colours, the sound, the love of others, the potential to create, the plants, wildlife, nature, music, all sensations and life... but if we refuse to see colour and beauty, we may as well be in hell.❞ — noodle, gorillaz.

    • laura
    • august 9th
    • infp
    • slytherin / cabin 11
    • leo
    • loves cats and dogs way too much
    • unhopeful
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  • turnover
  • made in heights
  • the arcs
  • wild ones
  • ducktails
  • from indian lakes
  • tigers jaw
  • the drums
  • this wild life
  • neck deep
  • of montreal
  • sticky fingers
  • fellow hollow
  • sorority noise
  • modern baseball
  • the marias
  • son lux
  • the buildings
  • teen suicide
  • antemasque
  • the story so far
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    • despite how open, peaceful, and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you, as deeply as they've met themselves. this is the heart of clarity.
    • i don't really know what love even is, and maybe i never will. all i know is that there are some smiles you never get tired of seeing, some hands you never want to let go of, and some absences that hurt too much to ignore.
    • the further my journeys; the sweeter my dreams.
    • draw a monster. why is it a monster?
    • and then it finally occurred to me, you were never going to live up to the person i made you out to be.
    • i told myself a million lies over and over in an attempt to soften the absolute obliteration of my heart when we ended. but here are the three truths: i fucked up, you fucked up, and neither of us meant to hurt the other on purpose. i hope that on...
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